A Star Wars Title Coming To Netflix?! Yes Way!

rogue one

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Netflix is about to get a whole lot more interesting when it comes to things to watch. There are plenty of things to watch on Netflix when it comes to different genres, different titles, and different movies but there seems to be one thing missing when it comes to viewing pleasure. One thing that could make or break Netflix… I mean, so far, it hasn’t broken anything for Netflix, but without further ado– I present the holy grail.

A Domino Effect

It all started with LucasFilms and the buyout by Disney. George Lucas was the sole owner of LucasFilm for the last 35 years and he states, “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers.”

The contract between Netflix and Disney has not only brought to you the best and most wonderful Disney shows, but the greatest things that came from the Disney buying LucasFilms? A Star Wars title coming to Netflix! Thus creating a glorious domino effect.

Which Title Will It Be?

rogue one
Image source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/01/22/star-wars-rogue-one-crosses-1-billion-at-the-worldwide-box-office

Which Star Wars title will be on Netflix? Don’t be too excited… In Star Wars time it’s 20 minutes prior to Episode IV, the bridge into Episode IV… May I present to you, Rogue One.

Galen Erso, a peaceful scientist, has a peaceful life on a farm. His family is his everything and then they are taken from him. The family is taken by Orson Krennic, an evil mastermind. Years later, his daughter, Jyn, who was taken by Krennic, returns as a spy knowing that her father has provided the most powerful weapon of destruction– The Death Star. Instead of reuniting with her father, she joins forces with a spy and steals their plans for the Rebel Alliance.

How Exciting

This is so exciting when it comes to Star Wars on Netflix. This means so much for Star Wars fans. This is just the beginning of greatness when it comes to more Star Wars titles coming to Netflix.

Do you know what this means for the rest of Star Wars movies? There is nothing saying that at this moment there will be more titles on Netflix right at this moment but there is nothing say that there will not be more titles in the future. This may be the gateway for more Star Wars Movies and all things Star Wars related– Even though Clone Wars was taken off of Netflix on June 7th.

When Can We See This Title On Netflix?

You’re probably sitting on the edge of your seat wondering when Rogue One will be on Netflix. Maybe you didn’t see Rogue One in theater or maybe you’re just waiting to watch it again, no matter the case, when will Rogue One be on Netflix?

The title can be expected to be on Netflix on July 18. This seems so far away, doesn’t it? I mean, it feels like the title came out forever ago, but in reality it only came out on December, 16 2016. That wasn’t that long ago and soon we will be able to enjoy the loved title on Netflix.


The date seems so far away for Rogue One come to Netflix but the news itself is still exciting, we just have to be patient. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty ecstatic when I heard the news. From seeing it in theaters, I know for a fact that this will be played at least once a week in my house when it comes to Netflix. What are you most excited about knowing that Star Wars Titles have be released to Netflix? There may only be one for now, but what other titles can follow? Pretty awesome right?? Let us know what you think!


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