Is The Originals Season 3 available on Netflix?

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The Originals season 3 promises much more of the blood-thirsty vampire hybrids we all have come to adore and the one’s we’ve also learned to loathe.   A family of ancient Vampires dead set on reclaiming the city they built, New Orleans and taking their revenge on those who did them wrong.  

the originals season 3

The Mikaelson family has been through hell and high water together and it doesn’t look like their tough journey is over quite yet. The Originals Season 3 brings a new addition, Klaus and Hayley’s precious baby girl, Hope. Now that she’s in the picture it raises the stakes even higher for making their safety the most important thing.

In Season 2 there had been an alliance between Klaus and his half-brother Elijah to defeat their mother Esther who was determined to make them mortal. The Originals Season 3 that all changes and the brothers are now estranged and on their own against the world and their enemies. While Klaus is dead set on vengeance, he does not realize that Hayley is receiving the brunt of the repercussions left in his wake.

Marcel and Davina are busy ruling the city and adjusting to the changes that have recently occurred.

Just when things are going about as smooth as can be for the Mikaelson’s a new relative shows up to shake things up.   Fans welcome the newest addition to the New Orleans population.  This is the very first vampire ever sired from the Mikaelson family over a thousand years ago. 

The Originals Season 3 Episodes **SPOILER ALERT**

Episodes 1-15

    • For The Next Millennium
    • You Hung The Moon
    • I’ll See You In Hell or New Orleans
    • A Walk On The Wild Side
    • The Axeman’s Letter
    • Beautiful Mistake
    • Out Of The Easy


    • The Other Girl In New Orleans
    • Savoir
    • A Ghost Along The Mississippi
    • Wild At Heart
    • Dead Angels
    • Heart Shaped Box
    • A Street Car Named Desire
    • An Old Friend Calls

Episodes 16- 22

    • Alone With Everybody
    • Behind The Black Horizon
    • The Devil Comes here and Sighs
    • No More Heartbreaks- Cami Dies see her final moments with Klaus.

  • Where Nothing Stays Buried
  • Give em’ Hell Kid
  • The Bloody Crown

The Originals Season 3 is full of twists and turns, sure to leave you on the edge of your seat and wondering what will happen to this vampire family next? Fans of the series want to know will they survive the attacks?   As well as if the family will survive the downward spiral they seem to be stuck in or will this new family member be their demise?   Watch Season 3 now!  Get a glimpse of The Originals Season 4 or The Vampire Diaries on Netflix Now!


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