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cooking shows on netflix

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Recently cooking shows have become very popular with people of all ages!  Netflix has alot of originals and different spins on classics.   So whether you want to learn about different cultures, try out a new recipe, or just enjoy a show about food, check out these cooking shows on Netflix!

 Top 20 Cooking Shows on Netflix

A Cook Abroad (2015)

If you’re interested in food from around the world, then look no further than A Cook Abroad. There’s only one season of this show, however the chef’s travel to many different countries including France, India, Argentina to try the countries cuisine and make it themselves. That’s a lot of food and culture packed into one season!

Chef’s Table: France (2016)

This Netflix original lets viewers experience different foods from France, and highlights how some chef’s are pushing the limits of fine dining. France has a rich history when it comes to food, but tune into this cooking show on Netflix to see how that’s all changing.

Restaurant Australia (2015)

In this cooking show on Netflix, three chefs come together to create amazing cuisine with the best ingredients that are found right there in Australia; their goal is to serve a meal to 250 international guests and give them an idea of what Australian food and culture is like. If you’re interested in fresh ingredients or just Australia in general, consider this for your next food themed binge.

Testing the Menu (2013)

Nic Watt,  is an acclaimed chef who cares what his customers think. In this one season series, he creates dishes, then takes them to the streets to be critiqued by people. He then adjusts them based on what the different opinions were. Customers get to have a say in what’s on the menu, and this new way of looking at food and menus would make a great show to watch!

Cooked (2016)

Another Netflix original, Cooked dives into the different cultures and cuisines of the world. Acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan discovers how cooking effects and transforms the world around us. This show combines food with the stories and lives of people, and what could be better than that?

Steak Revolution (2014)

In this documentary, two traveling foodies are on a mission to find the best steak in the world. Along the way, they talk to chefs, farmers, and butchers about what makes the steak stand out from the rest. So if you’re a meat lover and documentaries are more your thing, then this is a great Netflix option for you!

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

Sushi is an art, and these chefs have it mastered! This documentary is about a chef whose legendary sushi plates cost $300. The restaurant is a favorite of Tokyo foodies, and this will give you a glimpse into how amazing (and expensive) the art of sushi really is.

The Wild Chef (2010)

This cooking show is unlike any other cooking show out there! Quebec chef Martin Picard turns unusual ingredients, such as moose and muskrat, into delicacies. He shows viewers that you really can use anything while cooking. Enjoy these two seasons and get inspired with the ingredients you have!

Street Food (2012)

Fancy restaurants are nice and all, but sometimes you can’t truly experience the best food until you head to the streets. Street Food takes their viewers on a trip around the world as they discover the best food on the streets! This cooking show on Netflix will give you the best authentic places to eat all over the world.

Hungry for Change (2012)

Many people have struggled with their weight, and with all of the weight loss programs in the world, we wonder why this is still a problem? This documentary might clear some things up of you. It exposes some of the problems with diets and weight loss programs that in the end keep their customers coming back for more. If you want to be inspired to make a change in the world around you, or if you’re just curious, then this is a great documentary to inform yourself while still watching a movie about food.

The Kids Menu (2015)

Contrary to most of our beliefs, if kids are informed and have the choice, they’ll most likely choose healthier options! This documentary explains and shows the viewer this process, and could be very helpful when it comes to understanding how to deal with childhood obesity.

The Search for General Tso (2014)

We’ve all heard of General Tso’s chicken dish, and most of us have probably had it numerous times. But do you actually know where it came from? This documentary explores the origins of the famous Chinese dish and how it came to be. So next time you order General Tso’s at your local Chinese take out place, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how it came to be!

Forks Over Knives (2011)

We all know that processed foods aren’t the best for us, but do we actually know how bad they really are? In this documentary two food scientists dive in and reveal why they’re so unhealthy for us. They also explain the proper, and natural, alternatives! This documentary is a great option for anyone to watch and learn from.

Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (2011)

Most families consider themselves healthy eaters, however a lot of foods can be misleading. Rip Esselstyn, a fit firefighter, explains to families what’s wrong with the normal american diet and how they can improve their food choices for a better quality of life. This is a great option, especially if you want more information on how to enhance your daily food choices!

Foodies (2014)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to critique food for a living? Well that’s exactly what these food bloggers do. Experience their world in this documentary, and travel the world to the finest eateries. After watching this, your inner foodie will definitely be satisfied.

Fannie’s Last Supper (2010)

Have you ever been interested in what food was like in the past? In this documentary, America’s Test Kitchen head chef Erin McMurrer and Chris Kimball recreate a meal from the 19th century. Specifically, a 12 course meal from 1896 in Fannie Farmer’s cookbook. This shorter documentary is perfect if you’re into food and history!

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (2015)

Phil Rosenthal, also known as the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, has an inner foodie. Join him for this one season as he travels around the world, discovering the many tastes of different cultures.

Sushi: The Global Catch (2012)

Sushi, a Japanese favorite, has a long and rich history. In this documentary, you’ll learn about how it started out on the streets of Japan, and grew to be the extremely popular international dish that it is today!

Food Matters (2008)

Everyone knows that it’s important to eat a balanced diet, but how much impact could healthy foods actually have on you? According to some scientists, healthy eating is the key to a healthy life. Some even suggest that some of modern medicine’s “cures” might actually be the problem. Watch this documentary and see if a change in your diet could possibly be the cure that you were looking for!

Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour (2003)

Last but not least, is another cooking show that has a lot to do with cultures around the world. Chef Anthony Bourdain travels around the world, visiting food meccas and learning from their techniques. If you’re looking to add a little flare to your meals, you might be able to learn something from these worldwide chefs too!

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