Top Medical Shows On Netflix– Are You Watching?

We are all enamored by medical tv shows, the glory of the emergency room that saves the lives of those that come in and need help. The¬†doctors and nurses that save the lives of all the people that come in to the hospital for care are amazing. But let’s get real here. The shows that […]

Funny Shows on Netflix, Titles You Might Never Find!

Funny Shows are available on Netflix and subscribers are looking for new shows all the time. ¬†Here’s your opprotunity to find new funny shows. ¬†We have found titles ranging from adult cartoons like Futurama and Family Guy, as well as mockumentary type shows like Fried and Dreamland. ¬†These hidden gems are often overlooked for the […]

Netflix Anime is Exploding! Find Out More Now!

Netflix Anime Everything You Want To Know!   Netflix Anime what is it? ¬†Anime is a¬†Japanese-style animated show¬†or a style of animation created in Japan. ¬†Anime often targets children (Kokomo), girls (Shoujo) and boys (Shounen). ¬†There are also a wide range of adult anime that feature a more complex plot, a slower pace, as well […]