The People vs OJ Simpson Is Coming Soon To Netflix

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OJ Simpson Murderer?

The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story will be streaming exclusively as Netflix announced a new contract with 20th Century Fox.      It’s thought that it’s the first of many titles that’ll arrive onto Netflix from this new contract in the years to come.

The 10 part series streams on Netflix consecutively with the retelling of the dramatic OJ Simpson trial and events that led up to it. This version has been praised by the critics and was even nominated for an Emmy.


Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman

 However, Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father,  had many criticisms. He felt that there was not enough material about Ron, who is only shown as a corpse.   He spoke of his concern that the generations of people who were too young to understand the events at the time would consider everything to be accurate.   Nicole Brown’s sister, Tanya Brown, lashed out at the cast members for what she saw as a lack of consultation with the families.  The epilogue does end with photos of Nicole and Ron.

At present, all we know is that the series is coming at some point in 2017.



Ending somewhat the same as his life,  a depressed  Simpson stands looking up at the statue of himself in his glory as a football star with fans cheering in the background they slowly fade away as the screen turns dark.

Tune in early in 2017 to find out what people want to know about the trial of the century,  when exactly is hard to predict.  If it’s a year after the series premiered, that would mean the series would be added in February.  Check back at for all your updates.

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