Netflix India: Here’s How You Can Get It

Netflix has officially launched in 130 different countries including the biggest market in Asia including India, the Middle East and Europe. Netflix’s plan to go global has been announced by the CEO Reed Hastings on Wednesday where he mentions that the streaming service is now available in “all major countries” except China, which he believes […]

Stream Netflix….More Than Half of Americans Do It!

Do You Stream Netflix? Congratulations!  You are among over half of Americans that do Netflix has grown itself so large in the United States in recent years and a new survey has found that over half of Americans stream Netflix. Silicon Alley Insider reports that only 37% of Americans have never heard of or never […]

Netflix to Launch in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Netflix has been looking to expand its market in Asia and the Internet video streaming service has announced plan to enter four new markets on Wednesday. Looking forward to its global expansion, Netflix will be officially available in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan by early 2016. Netflix, which is looking forward to expand […]

Sense8 Season 2 Coming on Netflix

Sense8, the original science fiction television series from Netflix and Wachowskis, is getting renewed for season 2. Finally, the wait is over and the announcement was made over Twitter with a video from the show’s cast. Birthdays are just the beginning. #sense8 is reborn. — Netflix US (@netflix) August 8, 2015 It’s pretty amazing that […]

Netflix to Launch in Japan by September

Netflix is finally coming to Asia – the video streaming company has set its launch date in Japan on September 2, 2015. Netflix is growing larger every year and with America and Europe as its central hub, it’s looking forward to business in Asia after revealing plans to enter Japan this coming fall. The date […]