Netflix Advances Talks With Israeli Content Creators

Netflix looking forward to expand in Israel

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Netflix has been looking forward to adding more original contents to their streaming list and they’ve recently approached Israeli content creators to expand their library.

Having grown to about 193 countries worldwide, the US streaming giants are having talks to stream local content in Israel, sources inform.

Netflix correspondents are believed to be talking to production and distribution companies in Israel that include Keshet, Channel 10 and different other kids’ show creators.

Netflix previously conducted research in Israel back in 2015 considering the prospect of the local market in the country before its global release in January 2016. Currently, internet users in Israel are able to sign up and subscribe to Netflix, however, the limited English-language content with no subtitles has what has hindered the growth.

It has also been reported that Netflix is expanding its research in different other territories around the world to stream local contents and grow their subscriber’s base.

The research has also shown a lot of prospect in Israel and the addition of local contents in the streaming service is surely going to boom their marketing efforts through the region.

Having amassed a great library of movies and television shows in the past, the company has already made its name as the global leaders of online streaming, ahead of competitors like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Apart from streaming movies and television shows produced by others, streaming of Netflix original contents is what has increased their presence and fame today.

House of Cards, and Marvel’s Jessica Jones together with several other Netflix original movies has what has made binge-watching a global trend today. With its on-demand library that is made available in different devices including computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and mobile phones, Netflix has about 45 million subscribers in the United States alone.

With its expansion in Israel and addition of local content, the future of Netflix looks absolutely alluring.

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