Netflix India: Here’s How You Can Get It

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Netflix has officially launched in 130 different countries including the biggest market in Asia including India, the Middle East and Europe. Netflix’s plan to go global has been announced by the CEO Reed Hastings on Wednesday where he mentions that the streaming service is now available in “all major countries” except China, which he believes will soon be changed.

With its global expansion, Netflix is now the biggest video streaming rental, currently available in 190 countries around the world. If you are in India, you can get the subscription at Rs. 500 per month for access on 1 SD screen. If you want to get HD content on Netflix on two screens at a time, you’ll need to pay Rs. 650 a month while at Rs. 800 per month you can stream 4k contents on 4 different screens.

All you need to do is follow the official guide to install Netflix on your device that you use to stream movies and television shows, be it your Android, iOS or Windows phone or a smart television.

The first thing you need to do to signup is enter the details of your card, but if you’ve been using iOS or Android where you’ve already entered your details, you can enjoy the service with a month-trial at no cost.

For Netflix India subscribers, a SMS for a charge of Rs. 70 might be issued, but there’s no need to worry because your payment will be billed back as it is done only as an authorization check.

Netflix, as a video rental and streaming service will use up a lot of data and the company mentions that HD streaming can use up to 3GB per hour while the SD video use somewhere between 300 to 700 MB of data per hour. If you’ve a blazing fast internet speed, you can use the 4k Ultra HD service, that will take up to 7 GB per hour.

Netflix India service is virtually similar to the US where a subscriber need to pay from $7.99 to $11.99 depending upon the nature of the service. Netflix currently is used by over 70 million people all around the world on different devices including television, game consoles, mobiles and Web. Hastings also has reported that the service has been watched over 12 billion hours, just in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Netflix has been a home to several good television shows and movies while its database of Netflix Originals is what makes it a stand out. Originals like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, among others has also earned Netflix eight nominations in the 73rd Golden Globe.

The company also has a lot of plans for the year 2016. Netflix will air its first talk show while also featuring Brad Pitt and other popular actors. One major reason why Netflix might have planned for its international launch is because of the decreasing growth in the United States. With countries like India that has over 300 million internet users, nothing can be a bigger market for the company.

Netflix India will find add competition to Star’s Hotstar, Muvizz, Hungama, among others that have found a ever-increasing fan base on the country. Will Netflix India thrive among the 300 million users in India? Well, time will tell.

If you are in India and have already signed up for the Netflix service, write us in the comments below!

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