John Legend Making His Debut on Netflix? See it Here First!

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Singer, songwriter, and performer John Legend is making his debut on Netflix. You may wonder how his stardom will come on the streaming service. Will he be producing songs for Netflix Originals? No. Will he be performing on shows as a guest? No. This is so much better.

Those that love the game show, competition type shows will find great comfort in knowing that John Legend has gotten with Netflix to produce a music talent competition called Rhythm and Flow.

All the big names like Fox, ABC, and NBC have music talent competition shows. Maybe Netflix wanted to get in on the action. They’ve got such a wide-spread showing of titles; They’ve got stand-up, reality, drama, comedy, horror, and now they’re taking a stab at a competition type show.

Word is, a former NBC executive, Jeff Gaspin, is involved through his Primary Wave Entertainment business. While Jeff Gaspin is a former exec, Netflix better watch their back. We all remember the fiasco that Fox and Netflix went through with their “illegal and dishonest” account over stealing of employees.

While this is news, Netflix isn’t commenting on the leak. This news that we’ve got isn’t to pull in more followers, but to show the ones that Netflix has, that they are being heard with their requests.

Netflix is well aware that Rhythm and Flow won’t get the following that American Idol or America’s Got Talent has, but they mainly what their views to know that they want to keep them. While it may not be what everyone wants to see, this will cater to the group that loves the “live and spry” shows like Idol and Talent.

The great thing about Rhythm and Flow? The show will target specific genres. While the shows on regular cable television are more broad with their topics, this will be more specific. We don’t have word on what the specific topics or genres will be.

There isn’t even a host or hosts for the show yet. This is in the preliminary stages, meaning that the only thing really set is the name, the producers, and the “method of transportation” for the show to make it’s debut to viewers.

While there isn’t much news on the show, it’s pretty cool that Netflix is producing a show that caters to the needs and wants of those that want to see the singing contest shows. Even better? John Legend is involved!

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