The Incredible Jessica James Coming To Netflix!

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All of us, deep down, love a good rom-com. There is nothing in the world quite like them- the perfect mix of gushy romance and relatable humor. Coming in July is a new Netflix original movie, a different kind of rom-com: The Incredible Jessica James featuring Jessica Williams. The Incredible Jessica James was a featured film in the Sundance Film Festival, and already has fantastic reviews.  

Jessica Williams

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You might know Jessica Williams from her work on The Daily Show as the youngest senior correspondent, or maybe from the Nickelodeon series Just for Kicks. It’s even possible that you listen to the comedy podcast that she co-hosts with Phoebe Robertson, called 2 Dope Queens. Jessica Williams has made several brief on screen performances in season 3 of HBO’s hit show Girls,  People Places Things (This was Jim Sprouse’s 2016 entry into the Sundance Film Festival), The Delivery Man, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Now she is in the full spotlight in Netflix’s new movie: The Incredible Jessica James.

A Modern Girl

The film is set in New York City, where Jessica James (played by Jessica Williams) is a playwright who is trying to navigate the dating world after a bad breakup. James finds herself swiping through tinder, which lands her on a blind date with a divorced app designer (played by Chris O’Dowd).  All of this she does while working a catering job, and chasing her dream of becoming a playwright. James is a very forward, as seen in the teaser when she shames manspreading on the subway.  She is also free spirited, as she can be seen dancing in the stairwell, in the club, on roof tops, and with a friend.

Coming July 28th

This rom-com made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, and the first preview has been released. The film, written and directed by Jim Sprouse, will be coming to Netflix on July 28th. July 28 can’t come soon enough but neither can the other titles coming to Netflix in July either. 

What do you think about this rising star?  Is Jessica James going to change your perspective on tinder and man spreading? Is she going to convince you to stay far away from both? Watch the movie and let us know what you think! Keep yourself up to date on what’s coming up on Netflix with our latest articles by liking us on Facebook.  

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