Top 10 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

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We all get in a “show hole” every once in awhile, myself included! I just finished a show I loved, and I’m left wondering what to watch and what to do with my life. You just want to move on to the next show, so we’re here to help you get through that! Netflix has countless good shows to watch, and we’ve made a list of the 10 Best Shows to Binge Watch.  So grab your blanket and settle in for the kind of marathon we all enjoy!  

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

#10 13 Reasons Why [usr 5.0]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

One of the most talked about series right now is the Netflix original, 13 Reasons Why. It only came out a couple weeks ago, and it’s already extremely popular.  Directed by Selena Gomez who is also the voice of Hannah Baker.  This might be because of its very intense and real plot. It deals with the topic of suicide and brings a very important issue to light. Although there’s only one season right now, it’s gripping and will leave you wanting more. Be sure to watch this series to find out why Hannah Baker took her life and how it changes the lives of everyone around her. This show deals with a lot of heavy material and it’s rated TV-MA, but so far it has gotten a lot of praise from its viewers.

#9 Grey’s Anatomy [usr 4.9]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

If like drama, then Grey’s Anatomy is the show for you. There are always shows that are dramatic and have crazy plot twists throughout the series, but this one is over the top (in a good way). The show follows Meredith Grey and the hospital that she works for. You’ll probably cry multiple times while watching the show and wonder why you’re putting yourself through all of this plot twist torture, but deep down you know you love every second of it. Trust us, you’ll regret not watching all twelve seasons on Netflix.

#8 Grace and Frankie [usr 4.5]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

Netflix is on a roll with its original shows lately! Grace and Frankie is another popular original show that actually just came out with new episodes. The show follows Grace and Frankie, two women who and ready for retired life and think they’ve both got it made. That is, until their husbands fall in love with each other. The two opposites ladies weren’t friends, but soon find comfort in each other. Make sure you watch this Emmy nominated series! But as a fair warning, it’s rated TV-MA (probably worth it).

# 7 Once Upon a Time [usr 5.0]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

We all grew up loving fairy tales, so naturally why wouldn’t we all love a TV series based on them? There’s only one problem though, these fairy tales come with a twist, and sometimes that twist can be quite dark. The show is centered around Storybrooke, specifically a woman named Emma Swan. She soon learns about this fairy tale world that she came from and it completely changes her life. While only six of the seasons are on Netflix, it’s still worth it to watch this extremely unique show!

# 6 Gilmore Girls [usr 5.0]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

Ahh a classic; Gilmore Girls is a favorite of many of my friends, and for a good reason. The relationship between Loralei and Rory is captivating as they navigate their not-so-normal life, and the small town vibes are sure to draw you in. Not to mention the show has witty humor! This TV drama has romance, humor, and a great mother daughter relationship. So head over to Netflix and fall in love with Stars Hollow and the people in it!

#5 Friends [usr 4.9]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

Speaking of classics, how could we not include one of the best shows of all time? Friends follows six friends throughout their twenties and thirties in New York City. They try to figure their lives out in general, but in the end they’re all just really looking for love, whether that’s with each other or not. This ‘90s classic is something everyone should watch in their lifetime (and I really mean that). It’s hilarious and extremely relatable, so take advantage of your Netflix account and go binge watch all ten seasons (like, right now).

#4 Pretty Little Liars [usr 4.9]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

If you’re into dramatic mysteries, then Pretty Little Liars, aka PLL, is for you. The show follows four girls with some serious secrets, and someone threatening to spill them all. This show is dark, romantic, and it will keep you guessing the whole time. To understand the show, you really just need to watch it. So what are you waiting for? Get out of that “show hole” and submerse yourself into this captivating mystery!

 # 3 The Walking Dead [usr 5.0]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

Once you start this show, it’s hard to stop. Everyone seems to be slightly interested in (and maybe even obsessed with) apocalyptic shows and movies; here’s another one. The Walking Dead is focused on the zombie apocalypse, and it can get pretty intense. So if you’re interested in action and zombies, this show is perfect for you. It’s definitely unlike any other show out there, so be sure to watch all six seasons! And again, a fair warning that it’s rated TV-MA (probably for violence, with the killing zombies and all).

 # 2 Family Guy [usr 4.5]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

So far, all of these options have been live action. But maybe you’re more of a cartoon person? If you are, you can’t go wrong with Family Guy. The show has been on for forever and it has 14 seasons for you to enjoy. The show follows the Griffin family and their talking dog through anything and everything you could imagine. This show is also rated TV-MA, but it’s a classic in the cartoon world.

# 1 The Office (U.S.) [usr 5.0]

Best Shows to Binge Watch

And finally, my personal favorite, The Office. Watching this show was one of the best decisions that I ever made. That might sound dramatic, but that just shows you how good it is. It’s hard to get through the first couple episodes, however once you do you’ll be so happy that you persevered. The show follows the events of an every-day office with a terrible boss, something that most people can relate to; but it quickly turns into a hilarious and completely ridiculous version of what you thought an office was. Even though the show is known mainly for its humor, there are still moments of romance and life lessons along the way. There are nine seasons, and be sure not to miss a single one!

There you have the Top 10 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix!  If you need more than that check out The Generation Z’s Top 5 Shows both list contain some of the best streaming Netflix has to offer!

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