The 27 Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

We all get in a “show hole” every once in awhile, myself included! I just finished a show I loved, and I’m left wondering what to watch and what to do with my life. You just want to move on to the next show, so we’re here to help you get through that!

Netflix has countless good shows to watch, and we’ve made a list of the Best Shows to Binge Watch.  So grab your blanket and settle in for the kind of marathon we all enjoy!  

1. 13 Reasons Why

13 REASONS WHY Trailer (2017)

One of the most talked about series right now is the Netflix original, 13 Reasons Why. It only came out a couple weeks ago, and it’s already extremely popular.  Directed by Selena Gomez who is also the voice of Hannah Baker.  This might be because of its very intense and real plot.

It deals with the topic of suicide and brings a very important issue to light.

Be sure to watch this series to find out why Hannah Baker took her life and how it changes the lives of everyone around her. This show deals with a lot of heavy material and it’s rated TV-MA, but so far it has gotten a lot of praise from its viewers.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Trailer

If like drama, then Grey’s Anatomy is the show for you. There are always shows that are dramatic and have crazy plot twists throughout the series, but this one is over the top (in a good way). The show follows Meredith Grey and the hospital that she works for.

You’ll probably cry multiple times while watching the show and wonder why you’re putting yourself through all of this plot twist torture, but deep down you know you love every second of it. Trust us, you’ll regret not watching all the seasons on Netflix.

3. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Netflix is on a roll with its original shows lately! Grace and Frankie is another popular original show that actually just came out with new episodes. The show follows Grace and Frankie, two women who and ready for retired life and think they’ve both got it made.

That is, until their husbands fall in love with each other. The two opposites ladies weren’t friends, but soon find comfort in each other. Make sure you watch this Emmy nominated series! But as a fair warning, it’s rated TV-MA (probably worth it).

4. Once Upon A Time

Once upon A time ABC New Tv series Trailer

We all grew up loving fairy tales, so naturally why wouldn’t we all love a TV series based on them? There’s only one problem though, these fairy tales come with a twist, and sometimes that twist can be quite dark. The show is centered around Storybrooke, specifically a woman named Emma Swan.

She soon learns about this fairy tale world that she came from and it completely changes her life.

5. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls: Estreia mundial na Netflix

Ahh a classic; Gilmore Girls is a favorite of many of my friends, and for a good reason. The relationship between Loralei and Rory is captivating as they navigate their not-so-normal life, and the small town vibes are sure to draw you in.

Not to mention the show has witty humor!

This TV drama has romance, humor, and a great mother daughter relationship. So head over to Netflix and fall in love with Stars Hollow and the people in it!

6. Friends

Friends (1994-2004) Official Trailer

Speaking of classics, how could we not include one of the best shows of all time? Friends follows six friends throughout their twenties and thirties in New York City. They try to figure their lives out in general, but in the end they’re all just really looking for love, whether that’s with each other or not.

This ‘90s classic is something everyone should watch in their lifetime (and I really mean that). It’s hilarious and extremely relatable.

7. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars | Season 7 Official Trailer | Freeform

If you’re into dramatic mysteries, then Pretty Little Liars, aka PLL, is for you. The show follows four girls with some serious secrets, and someone threatening to spill them all. This show is dark, romantic, and it will keep you guessing the whole time.

To understand the show, you really just need to watch it. So what are you waiting for? Get out of that “show hole” and submerse yourself into this captivating mystery!

 8. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Trailer

Once you start this show, it’s hard to stop. Everyone seems to be slightly interested in (and maybe even obsessed with) apocalyptic shows and movies; here’s another one. The Walking Dead is focused on the zombie apocalypse, and it can get pretty intense.

So if you’re interested in action and zombies, this show is perfect for you. It’s definitely unlike any other show out there, so be sure to watch all of the seasons! And again, a fair warning that it’s rated TV-MA (probably for violence, with the killing zombies and all).

 9. Family Guy

Family Guy Funny Moments for 30 minutes

So far, all of these options have been live action. But maybe you’re more of a cartoon person? If you are, you can’t go wrong with Family Guy. The show has been on for forever and it has plenty of seasons for you to enjoy.

The show follows the Griffin family and their talking dog through anything and everything you could imagine. This show is also rated TV-MA, but it’s a classic in the cartoon world.

10. The Office (U.S.)

The Office Best Moments (ALL SEASONS)

And finally, my personal favorite, The Office. Watching this show was one of the best decisions that I ever made. That might sound dramatic, but that just shows you how good it is. It’s hard to get through the first couple episodes, however once you do you’ll be so happy that you persevered.

The show follows the events of an every-day office with a terrible boss, something that most people can relate to; but it quickly turns into a hilarious and completely ridiculous version of what you thought an office was.

Even though the show is known mainly for its humor, there are still moments of romance and life lessons along the way. There are nine seasons, and be sure not to miss a single one!

11. Peaky Blinders


Call them the original gangsters, if you will. The Shelby family is anything but royal in Birmingham, England. They’re feared and that is how they gain the respect of others. They go so far as sewing razor blades in their hats to feign off enemies when they must.

They’re strong and loyal men, but they’ve got their own personal battles that they’ve got to fight too.

12. Ozark

Ozark | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Jason Bateman gets a gold star with this performance as he takes the roll of a lost financial advisor, Marty Byrde,  that bites off more than he can chew when he gets himself when he involves himself in the drug cartel to make bigger bank. Life isn’t what it seems to the outsiders with the perfect Byrde family, but it surely isn’t what it seems to them either with all the lies and deceit rolling through their home.

Check out the Byrde family as they transition into their new, unknowing life of more lies.

13. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom | Season 5 Trailer

Historically factual, The Last Kingdom follows the Danes and the Saxons as they battle their way through gaining England. While not all of the events are factual, a majority of them are. We follow one Saxon turned Dane though his journey. Who will win England?

14. G.L.O.W.

GLOW Official Trailer (2017) Alison Brie Netflix New TV Series HD

Modeled after the original show from the 1980’s, GLOW or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is a fact based show as well. The show follows, very loosely, the events of the real show. While the show follows similar characters of the original show, this Netflix original really takes the cake and give you a great show.

15. The Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 Official Trailer

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson return for the long-time awaited The Incredibles 2. Starting exactly where they left off in The Incredibles, this super family of five heads out on another adventure.

Only this time, it’s Elastigirl’s turn. With Mr. Incredible at home on baby duty, Elastigirl is hard at work to make supers legal once again. But it wouldn’t be an Incredibles movie if things all worked out peachy keen. Once again, the supers have to band together to beat the bad guy.

We dare say The Incredibles 2 is almost as good as the original.

16. Coco

Coco Trailer (2017) | 'Find Your Voice' | Movieclips Trailers

Although another Disney movie, Coco is far from The Incredibles 2. This heartwarming story is about family and love. It’s about understanding and never forgetting those we’ve lost, in addition to appreciating what we have.

Not only will Coco tug at your heartstrings, but the graphics and animation in this particular movie are also not to be missed. The vibrant colors capture the spirit of Mexico and the day of the dead celebration. Oh, and don’t forget the tissues.

17. Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty Official Trailer #1 - Morgan Freeman Movie (2007) HD

Released in 2007, this movie deserves a re-watch if you’ve seen it before. And if you haven’t — you must. Evan Almighty stars Steve Carell, as Evan Baxter, who is turning into Noah. You know, from Noah’s ark? Of course, Evan doesn’t believe in God and is pretty surprised to find himself building an ark and taking orders from the big man himself.

Can you think of a better person to play God than Morgan Freeman? We can’t. This movie will teach you about faith and family and doing what’s right. All that and it’s hilarious too.

Perfect to watch again and again.

18. You

YOU Trailer (2018) Netflix

This show you may not have heard about yet, and it only has one season under its belt, but everybody’s buzzing about it. The show is called You, and it’s about obsessive love. Did anyone order a stalker?

You is one of those shows that’ll have you screaming at the TV. Keep your fingers crossed for another season because this one will have all of you on the edge of your seats.

19. The Haunting of Hill House

THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Official Trailer (2018) Netflix, Horror Movie

Now is the time to jump into this series about five siblings and the house they grew up in (for a little while anyway.) Is anyone else seeing a family of five theme? You might think this is just another series about ghosts and paranormal activity, but you would be wrong. It’s much more than that.

And by the time you get to the end of the season and everything comes together, it’ll blow your mind. Sorry kids, no spoilers.

20. The OA

The OA | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The main character, a deaf woman missing for seven years, returns home with no explanation as to where she’s been and the gift of sight.

The OA will have you thinking about time, consciousness, and dimensions in a whole new way. It’s one of those that sticks with you, and you’ll find yourself analyzing every little detail trying to figure it all out.

And if you miss Herschel from The Walking Dead — he’s in it too.

21. Black Mirror

Black Mirror trailer

Black Mirror is a little different, as in each episode contains a different story. All of them are interconnected, however, and you can see Easter eggs from one episode to another. But each episode has a complete story within.

What makes this series compelling and always delivering is the story undercurrent.

It’s true that each story is about a world immersed in technology, but the real message of the episode lies in the story told. Without even realizing it, you’re led through a lesson in an ingenious and unsuspecting way.

But by the end, you’ll realize the ride you’ve been taken on — in full.

22. Stranger Things

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

The Collider said it, this show is “equal parts It, Stand by Me, and The Goonies as it mashes up the creepy atmosphere of a Stephen King novel with compelling characters and a strong narrative drive.” That about nails this show, too.

It’s hard to imagine where the latest season will take the crew, but one thing’s for sure — this group is anything but boring. And now they’re teens, so that’s likely to throw in a wrinkle.

23. Shameless

Shameless Us Trailer!

If you haven’t heard of Shameless yet, where have you been? This show is all over the place, famous for the chaotic family setting and the raunchy scenes that make some people squirm that has gotten America is hooked.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, check out Shameless! Well, only if you like laughing until your stomach hurts!

24. Breaking Bad

Starring Bryan Cranston as the infamous former chemistry teacher, Walter White who, while insuring his family’s financial stability, gets involved with Jesse Pinkman in the making and distributing of crystal meth. This show is a favorite because of the show’s unbeatable humor and the connection between the characters and viewers.

If you start watching Breaking Bad, you will fall in love with and become connected with the characters right away. So get ready to be hooked! Check out Breaking Bad on Netflix!

25. The Crown

The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

Do you like British drama TV shows? If so, then this series is perfect for you! This show, with five stars on Netflix, tells the stories of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in Great Britain. From political rivalries to romance, this show is packed with scenes that will leave you wanting more.

Prepare to binge watch if you press play on that first episode, because you’re sure to love it!

26. Making A Murder

Making A Murderer | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Knowing that this show is a Netflix Original, it is guaranteed to be worth the watch. This series is more than binge-worthy. The series tell the story of a wrongfully convicted man named Steven Avery who, after eighteen years, is released from prison after being exonerated with DNA evidence. Grab some popcornand watch Making A Murder on Netflix, where it is available to stream any time as long as you have an account!

27. Daredevil

Another Netflix Original, Daredevil is perfect for anyone who is a fan of superheroes, or Marvel more specifically. This series follows Daredevil around fighting the crimes of New York by night, and by day he is an attorney who has lost his vision and uses it to his advantage.

Marvel's Daredevil | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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