How To Get Netflix For Free! The True Facts.

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How To Get Netflix For Free!

The Facts Revealed (Free)!


My Dad has always said “Nothing in Life is Free” but lately I’ve been hearing people talking about getting Netflix for free.  So I looked up how to get Netflix for free and found results that I actually can’t even believe!

How to Get Netflix For Free (TIP #1)

Credit Card Rewards

Get a credit card that offers a $25 reward at the end of each quarter when you make more than the minimum payment or pay off your balance in full each month.  You will need to  pay off your balance in full every month.

$9.99 (monthly Netflix fee) x 3 (months in a quarter) = $29.97

That $25 reward comes pretty close to covering it.  So not free but pretty close!

How to Get Netflix For Free (Tip #2)

Open a Core Checking Account

You can get an additional $5 a quarter by automatically depositing the above mentioned cash rewards into a savings or checking account.

So here’s the breakdown:  $25 rewards + $5 for depositing the rewards= $30 Which pays for 3 months of Netflix.

How to Get Netflix for Free (Tip#3)

Sign Up and Cancel then Sign Up Again

By using an email address and credit card you sign up for a free 1 month subscription.  Use it for a month then cancel at the end.  Sign up the next month with a different email and credit card then cancel at the end of that month.  This tip encourages you to sign up month after month with a different email and credit card.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that many credit cards that I could even begin this “trick”.

The Cold Hard


These are the options that I found out there, I was excited at the beginning of my search that I would find a way to get Netflix for free but was quickly disappointed.  The first two tips are brilliant  but are not necessarily getting “Netflix for free” they really are about getting rewards from banks.  I like it though, it’s honest and doesn’t take a lot of time to set up.  Let the rewards start rolling!  Any free money is good money, so use it to cover Netflix, a new pair of shoes, lunch or whatever your heart desires!

Tip number three is a con, if you have that much time to sit around and cancel and change emails you certainly need to do something better with your time.  Netflix really isn’t going to make or break you.   If you can’t fit $10 a month into your budget then you should be worried about why, instead of cheating someone out of what is rightfully theirs.

 How to Get Netflix for Free (TIP #4)

  1.  Sign Up for your FREE trial!

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