DVD Rental Service is Available on Netflix

Netflix looking forward to expand in Israel

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Netflix looking forward to expand in Israel


 DVD rental service is available on Netflix for a flat monthly fee.

The company has no stores or red kiosks, and instead interfaces with its customers via the Internet and the Postal Service. A large number of titles are available on DVDs and Blu-ray discs that will be delivered to the right to the subscriber’s mailbox.

There are no late fees, and Netflix pays postage both ways. The subscriber can keep each disc indefinitely and pays nothing other than the flat monthly fee plus applicable taxes. The customer can cancel a subscription at any time without incurring extra fees.

Neflix has three subscription plans and three DVD Rental Plans.


Subscription Prices

Basic  $8 a month and 1 screen

Standard $10 a month and 2 screens

Premium $12 a month and 4 screens

DVD Rental Prices

1 Disc out at a time  monthly fees $8 Blu Ray $10

2 discs out at a time  monthly fees $12 Blu Ray $15

3 discs out at a time  monthly fees $16 Blu Ray $20

Limited $5 a month  Blu Ray $6 (limited to 2 rentals a month)

For the most part the advantages out way the disadvantages.  For starters most people point out that the service is convenient, you can do it all right from home.  Secondly, there are no late fees or due dates.  Third there are a variety of movies to choose from.  The only disadvantage is trying to pick a movie a head of time.  It’s difficult to plan a spontaneous movie night if you have to pick the movie 5 days ahead of time.


You can try out Netflix at little or no cost. There’s a two-week free trial and, if you need more time, continue with a low-cost plan. You don’t have to make much of a commitment since you can cancel at any time without incurring any extra fees.

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