Cartoon Shows To Keep The Kids Entertained!

Cartoon Shows On Netflix Remember back when Saturday morning cartoon shows kept us busy the entire morning? ¬†Nowadays kids are used to instant gratification. ¬†They can watch anything, anytime! ¬†If you are looking for some quiet time with the kids during a school break, during a sickness or even a Mommy break these cartoon shows […]

Netflix News for December 2016- Nominations, Download and Merge

Netflix News December Edition Golden Glode Nominations Netflix has been spending large amounts of money on TV shows, and it’s paying off. ¬†Last year, Netflix nominated series were “Orange Is the New Black” and “Narcos.” December 12th, the Golden Globe nominations came out, and the streaming service has a few nominations for best TV¬†show . […]

Comedians on Netflix, The List Keeps Growing!

Comedians on Netflix You Will Laugh Out Loud Comedians on Netflix! ¬†Talk about Laughing out Loud! ¬†Since the early eighties these comedians have been captured on film to bring you their stand up acts. ¬†Now there are Netflix exclusive acts that you won’t want to miss. ¬†Chris Rock is scheduled to come to Netflix very […]

Netflix Documentaries, What To Watch!

Netflix Documentaries are a huge genre on the streaming service ¬†but, what are the popular documentaries? ¬†Are people watching nature, animal, life, weird, history or shows about other countries? ¬†We dug around the Netflix Vault and found these top Netflix Documentaries that are the most streamed on Netflix. ¬†In doing my research I have marked […]

Good Christmas Movies on Netflix

Have you been searching? ¬†Good Christmas movies on Netflix this season are ready for streaming! ¬†These 3 are our staff picks for the holiday season. Good Christmas Movies On Netflix Now! First you’ll love White Christmas This romantic comedy musical stars¬†Bing Crosby as Bob Wallace, Danny Kaye as Phil Davis, Rosemary Clooney as Betty Haynes […]