7 Reasons Why We Love The Netflix Original, Bill Nye Saves The World

Bill Nye the Science Guy speaking at the 2016 Politicon at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California

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If you were a kid with a TV in the mid-1990s, or you were raising one, Bill Nye needs no introduction. Simply a picture or his theme song is enough to bring his science-fun rushing back. Bill Nye was very popular back then but what about now? Well, he may just be even more so now than ever, thanks to his awesome Netflix original, Bill Nye Saves the World.

Although his hit show “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” ended in 1998, he has stayed in the public eye. Nye even hosted an adult scientific show called “The Eyes of Nye” in 2005. Now, he has a hit Netflix series. We love this show, so much so that we need to count the ways. But first…

What is Bill Nye Saves The World On Netflix?

In 2017, the Netflix original, Bill Nye Saves the World was released. The show may even be better than his first television series from the 90s, but it is different. Bill Nye’s first television program was for kids, this one is for older teens and adults. So keep that in mind before you put it on for your little ones, some of the themes are a bit over their heads.

The show features information on a wide range of topics. For example, they cover living on Mars, dogs having emotions, and even how “sleeping sucks.” On every episode, guests join Bill Nye to talk about a subject. Even celebrities stop by, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former movie star/politician was featured on an episode in season three called “What is Your Pet Really Thinking?”

BNSTW was well-received, despite some kickback from anti-science groups, and its ratings prove that. Rotten Tomatoes has given the show an audience rating of 75 percent, or seven and a half out of ten stars. Netflix ratings are high for the series as well, rating four and a half stars out of five possible.

Top 7 Reasons Why We Love Bill Nye Saves The World

Bill Nye’s new hit series is engrossing. The episodes are fun and exciting to watch with family or friends. Below are seven reasons why you should consider Nye’s series as your next binge session.

1. “Superbugs” doesn’t mean giant beetles, anymore

On the second season episode four, Bill talks about antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and other superbugs. He tells the audience that it is very important to always take your prescriptions because you are more at risk of spreading these nasty superbugs. His guest on the episode, Ali Wong, a comedian who also has a Netflix show, pops in for a glow-in-the-dark demo. Watch the conclusion of his experiment below:


2. We Suck at Sleeping

In season two episode three, Bill talks about why our sleep “sucks.” He seeks a professional cuddler and also discusses myths about sleeping and dreaming. Nye states that if you have been sleeping for only 5 hours a night during the week, you cannot binge sleep your way back to a healthy routine. He explains that studies suggest that if you take a nap for only 20 minutes you wake up even more groggy then you were beforehand. Remember that myth that Turkey makes you fall asleep? Well, in this clip, Bill Nye tells you the truth about that Thanksgiving nap.


3. Doggie thoughts?

In season three episode six, Bill Nye talks about animal behaviors and how they are freakishly human. In this episode, while it is tough to read an animal’s brain, Bill Nye states the animals we call pets aren’t too different from us. For example, people and animals have some of the same physical body movements and brain waves. Check out the clip below:


4. Machines Take Over The World!

In season one episode three, Bill and his guests consider the potential of artificial intelligence in machines. While devices are becoming very advanced, he talks about the future of our machines and how they may take over the world. Watch below to find more information on the subject, it is incredibly interesting. Do you agree that machines are taking over?


5. Time Travel Lessons

On season two episode six, Bill breaks down the science of time travel. He hosted guests Zach Braff, retired astronaut Scott Kelly and the minds behind the space adventure “Star Trek.” Bill shows how time is a precious while he and his guests try some experiments.

Check out this cool clip below:


6. Cheating Death

One season three episode one, Bill Nye breaks down the science of aging with his guests. They try unusual beauty treatments and learn how spinach could transform organ transplants. While trying these unusual beauty treatments, Bill explains why they are healthy and what each ingredient does. Rapper Tyler The Creator also appears in the show to test out an experiment with Bill Nye:


7. Bill Nye and the Reefer

On season two episode one, Bill talks about marijuana and how medicinal marijuana helps people. He also talks about how our country doesn’t know anything about the plant. This lack of knowledge is evident by the obscenely harsh laws the federal government has passed. He also sends a special guest to one of Israel’s biggest medical marijuana farms. Check out what happens when Bill and his guests try to perform certain activities after they partake in marijuana:


Bill Nye The Science Guy, Your Next Binge!

BNSTW has been so well received, Netflix already has 3 full seasons up. Though there are rumors that there is going to be a 4th season, at least, no one knows yet. That makes this a perfect time to sit down, and enjoy the show with your family. Who knows, you may learn something.

Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix is definitely something that you should check out if you love science. In fact, even if you don’t particularly care about science, his show is absolutely worth you time. It may bust a few myths for you, teach you something you didn’t know before, or just entertain you – but it won’t waste your time.

What was your favorite clip? Let us know down in the comments!


Featured image: CC by-SA 2.0, by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr

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