The Babysitter– Dissected and Reviewed

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There are many movies on Netflix now-a-days– a lot of them don’t have the authority to even put a dent in our interests. They’re “B-rate” movies at best. They’ve got nothing to offer, but every once in a while, a movie comes along that deserve a peek.

The Babysitter, starring Bella Thorne, Samara Weaving, Robbie Amell, Judah Lewis, and many others that have other successful titles under their belts. This title is not part of the horror genre, but there are also stints of comedy laced in too.

Let’s set the scene… Cole, played by Judah Lewis, is your typical pre-teen. While maybe his parents a little too protective, thinking that he may need a babysitter to keep an eye on him. He has no qualms about having a babysitter–Yet.

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Bee, played by Samara Weaving, is the ever poplular, funny, and hot baby sitter that seems to have it all together. Cole, the hormonal pre-teen doesn’t mind having a babysitter, especially a babysitter like Bee.

It’s a normal evening when Cole’s parents decide that they are going to go out on a date. Instead of leaving their kid at home, unaccounted for, they decided to call in Bee to watch him. While this was a normal occurrence to Cole and his parents, this night wouldn’t be like any other.

Cole decided to go against the grain, not listening to his parents and their direction of “be good”, but especially not listening to his babysitter. This gets him up the creek and leaves him without a paddle. What he finds shocks him.

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As Cole is peering down over the balcony he sees his hot babysitter with a group of friends playing what looks to be a game of spin the bottle. It’s all fun and games until the fun ends and Cole becomes the game.

While the group of teenagers that Bee has over is playing their game, they don’t know Cole is watching until the game turns bloody and violent. Bee shows her true colors when the game that the group is playing turns into a bloody sacrifice.

Cole makes his presence known and all bets of being the caring, practical babysitter are off. Their mission now? Get the blood of an innocent. The innocent? Cole. Cole must lookout for himself or he may not survive.

It is up to him and only him to save himself. He will fight tooth and nail to save himself from his hot babysitter and her cronies. It doesn’t stop him from getting his hands dirty though.

From Rotten Tomatoes, the movie scored a sad 2.6/10. That a [usr 1.3] rating on average. Only 67% of people that watched it, liked it. So what do we think about the movie? While the movie had potential to be something more, it seemed to have been a flop.

While the film is horror in genre there are stints of comedy in it also. There is blood and gore, tons of violence and we see the pact that this satanic group made with the devil. If anything, the movie is great for the Halloween season. A fun, spoof to pass the time. Check it out here!

Let us know what you think about the movie. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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