When Will Supernatural Season 10 be on Netflix?

Supernatural on Netflix

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American fantasy horror television series Supernatural is created by Eric Kripke has crossed a decade in television and Netflix fans are eager to know if they can binge watch the show or not. With its first broadcast on September 13, 2005, the series has already complete Season 10 in 2015 and fans are eager to know if Supernatural Season 10 is on Netflix?

The series stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, two brothers who hunt ghosts, monsters, demons and several other suparnatural beings that exist in the world.

The series was also one of the CW’s first attempts that became successful to bring teen horror into a television series format. The pilot episode had 5.9 million viewers and you can imagine why the show has a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDb and 9.1/10 on TV.com.

Up until today, Netflix has the first 9 seasons of Supernatural on air and we actually don’t know when Season 10 will be streaming. Season 10 of the show ended on May 20th officially and you might already have been looking on social media and news outlets trying to find if you can watch Supernatural Season 10 on Netflix anytime soon.

Netflix has a decent relationship with CW and new shows generally come up in yearly cycle. Having said that, the Season 10 of Supernatural might come on Netflix around the same time as The 100, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries.

Supernatural Season 10 has a total of 23 episodes listed as below-

Episode 1: Black
Episode 2: Reichenbach
Episode 3: Soul Survivor
Episode 4: Paper Moon
Episode 5: Fan Fiction
Episode 6: Ask Jeeves
Episode 7: Girls, Girls, Girls
Episode 8: Hibbing 911
Episode 9: The Things We Left Behind
Episode 10: The Hunter Games
Episode 11: There’s No Place Like Home
Episode 12: About a Boy
Episode 13: Halt & Catch Fire
Episode 14: The Executioner’s Song
Episode 15: The Things They Carried
Episode 16: Paint It Black
Episode 17: Inside Man
Episode 18: Book of the Damned
Episode 19: The Werther Project
Episode 20: Angel Heart
Episode 21: Dark Dynasty
Episode 22: The Prisoner
Episode 23: Brother’s Keeper

We believe that all the 23 episodes of Supernatural Season 10 will be on Netflix by late September or early October according to the recent trends of CW’s show coming to Netflix. We only wish it’ll hit Netflix right on time!

Here’s the season 10 promo if you’d want to check out-

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