Is The Supernatural TV Series Any Good?

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American fantasy horror television series Supernatural is created by Eric Kripke has crossed a decade in television and Netflix fans are eager to know if they can binge watch the show or not. With its first broadcast on September 13, 2005, the show is far from new over a decade and a half later.

The series stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, two brothers who hunt ghosts, monsters, demons and several other suparnatural beings that exist in the world.

The series was also one of the CW’s first attempts that became successful to bring teen horror into a television series format. The pilot episode had 5.9 million viewers and you can imagine why the show has a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDb and 9.1/10 on

When discussing the Supernatural tv series plot and characters, there are several themes to keep in mind. These themes are common throughout the series, and the cast embodies the different elements of the genre.

Some of these themes include: Sam Winchester, Wielders of the Mark, Asylum, and Harvelle’s Roadhouse. These themes have helped shape the entire show, and we’ll explore them here.

Is The Supernatural TV Series Any Good?

Sam Winchester

Supernatural, one of the most popular television series of all time, has recently ended its run after 15 seasons. The show’s cast includes Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. The series is centered on the Winchester family and the lives of Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary.

The first season was set in the late 1800s, when John and Mary met and were married. John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, became the hunter after discovering the death of his wife Mary. The show ended with his death in the Season 2 premiere, but fans are left to speculate about what will happen to Sam and Mary now.

After being trained by Ruby, Sam begins developing new abilities. He can control demons using his mind and telekinesis. He can also kill demons in human host by exerting enough willpower and concentration. In the first season, he defeated the Horseman Famine, which forced Dean to place him in a panic room.

Dean, however, tried to protect his son by using his psychic powers.

The first season of the series introduced Sam and Dean to Adam Milligan, Sam’s half-brother. Sam uses his father’s teachings to protect Adam when he is attacked by monsters. Adam’s father, however, was having an affair and kept it hidden from his sons in order for him to lead a normal life.

Sam saved Adam from a monster, but the body was destroyed.

Sam’s loyalties lie primarily with Dean and his family. Sam has shown himself willing to give up his life for Dean. Whenever there is a problem, Sam doesn’t run but instead becomes hyper-focused on solving it.

Although Sam is a strong and smart man, he would never quit simply because he didn’t have a starting point to do it. Then, he and Dean investigate the construction of a new housing development on a sacred Native American land.

Sadly, the storyline surrounding Sam’s time in Hell had an effect on his character. Only a handful of episodes referred to Sam’s time in Hell, and his connection to Lucifer was flattened out of the memory. This, in turn, had an impact on Sam’s emotional reactions when confronted with demons in the present.

This was a major plot point in Sam’s five-season arc.

Wielders of the Mark

The Wielders of the Mark is a supernatural television series set in the underworld. It is a paranormal show that revolves around a group of demons. They are usually evil and cruel, but this supernatural TV series features several characters with good intentions.

It also features a cast of recurring guests, including Crowley, Castiel, and Jack Kline. Other characters and angels also appear throughout the series. Each character was portrayed by a different actor. The main character, Cain, appears as the antagonist, but later appears as a neutral character.


The Asylum supernatural tv series plot features three recurring characters who each have their own story lines. One of them, Amara, is played by Emily Swallow. She’s an evil entity, who takes on the form of a human. Her mother and sister are killed in the first season. The second season introduces her daughter, Nicki Lynn Aycox, as her host.

Despite her sinister intentions, Sister Jude, a non-thinking authority figure, demands that the patients and staff follow her rules. This character role can be played by real people – caretakers, religious figures, police, teachers, etc. Jessica Lange’s portrayal of Sister Jude is the human embodiment of not talking about the elephant in the room, and ensures the season’s plot is grounded in realistic human conflict.

Harvelle’s Roadhouse

In the second season of the hit supernatural television series “Supernatural,” Sam and Dean Winchester find themselves in a bar named Harvelle’s Roadhouse, which is often frequented by monster and demon hunters. The brothers arrive to find an abandoned roadhouse and encounter a strange man named Ash, who is sitting on the pool table.

Ellen holds Sam at gunpoint and subdues Dean, while Jo takes care of Ash. Ellen tells the brothers that he is their father, and she offers them rooms, but they decline.

The spooky roadhouse is run by Ellen Harvelle and her daughter Jo. Ellen’s roadhouse is located somewhere in Nebraska. She is a psychic who passes her powers down to the boys. The roadhouse is haunted by demons, and the gang must try to save the roadhouse before it is destroyed by them.

Ellen’s daughter Jo has a blog where she describes her experiences with demons.

The women in the show are also underrepresented. Samantha Ferris, who plays Ellen, is a strong female character who embodies the role of a mother. Her character brings a maternal energy to the male-dominated show. Ellen helps the Winchester brothers with problems and offers advice.

Although she was intended to be a motherly figure, Harvelle demonstrates that women can give as much as men, and even more.

The characters are not entirely believable. The show tries to make the viewers feel like they are watching a reality show, but the storyline and characters make this impossible. The show also uses contemporary cultural references as well, such as Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

In addition, the series’ plotline features references to movies such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Blade Runner.

Despite its lackluster plot, fans of the show have enjoyed its first two seasons. Season one introduced the brothers’ relationship, while the third season introduced the character of Jo. Interestingly, despite the fact that they’re both brothers, neither of them are very stable or happy together.

Ultimately, the two brothers find themselves stranded, and Sam and Jo must figure out how to survive in this new world.

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