15 Dirty Movies on Netflix For Adults- Updated

Nymphomaniac volume 1

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If you have a fantasy to watch some good onscreen love that’s not porn, there are an array of dirty movies on Netflix to quench your thirst. Perfect for both solo watching or date night, you can hop right into your bed and enjoy foreign flicks, romantic comedies, period pieces or dirty movies on Netflix that are both sexy and steamy at the same time. This list was just updated!

Even with the official ‘no porn‘ policy, you can find a lot of just-this-side-of-porn movies on Netflix that you’ve been craving to watch. Yes, there are lesbian movies, dude-on-dude gay movies and plots filled with boobs which are panty-dropping and sure to make you wet.

Believe me friends, these adult movies on Netflix contain the exact explicit nudity you’d expect. These are also some of the best movies on Netflix. So, wank carefully when you go into a streaming session with these 15 steamy, raunchy flicks on Netflix.

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Top Dirty Movies on Netflix

BANG Gang (2015)

dirty movies on netflix

A group of bored teenagers engage in Sex Games, only to discover emotions become strong and hard to control.

Wetlands (2013)

dirty movies on netflix

Personal Hygiene lands a teenage girl in the hospital where she falls for her male nurse.  Wetlands is provocative and just when you think you have seen it all…….you see it all!

About Cherry (1992)

18 year old, Angelina is determined to escape her past.  But who can an innocent 18 year old stripper trust?

Addicted To Sexting (2015)

A sexy but at the same time, super sad movie, the story of Sex and Lucia revolves around a beautiful girl Lucia who decides to move out of a remove Spanish island after her boyfriend commits suicide. She learns more about his tragic life after meeting his former lover Elena and Carlos, a scuba diver.

Room in Rome (2010)

dirty movies on netflix

If you can call a dirty movie on Netflix that’s closest to porn, it’s Room in Rome. It follows the life of a  two woman who share a sensual, emotional sexual experience in a hotel room.

Strictly Sexual (2008)

Bored and tired of all the emotional hassles of their relationships.  These two friends keep two construction workers around for “strictly sex”.

Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)

dirty movies on netflix

If there’s anything that we can label ‘dirtiest’ movie on Netflix this has to be the one. Anatomy of Love Seen is a story about two actresses that film lesbian movies and fall for each other off scene.  

Young and Beautiful (2013)

dirty movies on netflix

A clever dirty movie on Netflix, you surely are going to enjoy this one.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

dirty movies on netflix

Determined to fall in love, young Adele is interested in boys.  However,  it’s a blue haired girl on the street that really peaks her interest.

The Concubine (2012)

dirty movies on netflix

Full with explicit erotic scenes, The Concubine is a story about an innocent beautiful girl forced to serve the king.  She will not stay young forever.

Love Steaks (2013)

dirty movies on netflix

They have the most sexiest, erotic jobs in the hotel the mass.  They use their jobs to create a perfect conditions for passion.

Nymphomaniac Volume 1 (2013)

Nymphomaniac volume 1

One of the dirty movies on Netflix that certainly borders on the pornographic visual effects, Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 is a story about a woman who spins tale of her part to a man who found her badly beaten and took her into his home.

Nymphomaniac Volume 2 Extended Directors Cut (2012)

dirty movies on netflix

Part 2 of Nymphomaniac Volume 1.  From a child she claims she is never satisfied.

A Teacher (2013)

dirty movies on netflix

As the name suggests, A Teacher is a movie about a teacher who finds one of her students inside her head and is seduced by his sexuality.

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The list of dirty movies on Netflix vary in different regions, so if you can’t stream in your region, you might need to access another account where you can watch. 

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