Weekend Movie List (Updated 9-23-2016)

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Weekend Movie List is Here!

Weekend Movie watching made simple if you are a subscriber just check out this short list of recommended movies this weekend.


3 days to Kill-Starring Kevin Cosner as a terminally ill secret agent that accepts a risky mission in exchange for an experimental treatment that might save him.



The Finest Hours– Stars Chris Pine and Casey Affleck who are part of the Coast Guard when a horrific storm tears apart two oil tankers and they have to perform a heroic rescue of the crew.



Dead Silence– After his brides death Jaime is forced to return to his hometown where he is haunted by a ghost of a ventriloquist.


Feel Good

Joyful Noise– When Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah come together from a broke small town with a common interest, being in the Choir.  They dream of winning the Nationals Contest.



Big Daddy– Sonny (Adam Sandler) is dumped by his girlfriend because he acts likes a child.  He decides to adpot a 5 year old to prove he is a grown up.


Harry and the Hendersons–  This movie will make everyone in the family chuckle.  When a family adopts a Bigfoot you can’t help but laugh.

Enjoy your weekend  and this weekend movie list.  Keep checking back every weekend for an updated list.



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