Why You Should Watch Indie Films Like So Many Other Americans

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Indie films are becoming more popular with younger Americans,   Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Probst,  Melissa McCarthy all started their careers by taking chances on Independent Film makers.   Indie films or Independent films are a feature film that is produced outside the box of most major studios, in addition to being distributed by independent agencies.  Indie films are most often recognized by their content  and the way the director or filmmaker’s artistic vision comes through.  Often the indie film is created on a lower budget than other major motion pictures.

Subscribers may become tired of waiting months for major motion to become available for streaming.   Rather than watching something ordinary and mainstream,  viewers can choose these overlooked gems.  Furthermore they need a spot on your queue.


An exciting addition to Netflix recently is Mount Joy(the movie), a drama about a Pennsylvania indie grunge band trying to make it to the big time and out of the small town of Mount Joy.  With the filming being done in the small town of Mount Joy in Pennsylvania local landmarks and locations can be seen.


Preparing for an upcoming national tour which could be the big break for small town band The Living Daylights.   However, the disappearance of  the band’s manager(Katie Hyde) and the lead singers(Jay Della Valle) girlfriend and sister of 2 others.   The secret she harbors could mean the end to it all.   Returning to town with Bob (Josh Eves) adds to the mystery surrounding her disappearance.



In conclusion, the Indie film can be a much needed break from major motion pictures.  Check out Take this Waltz and Boyhood that are also available on Netflix.


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