Netflix Saves the Day with All New Episodes of Network Favs

Before Netflix, entertainment could be a rough business. If a show did not perform exceptionally well, it was canceled, even if it had a loyal fanbase. We feel ripple effects of this today, many of us pining for shows we loved but weren’t mainstream enough for TV. Some shows simply never had large-scale appeal, only speaking […]

14 Netflix Series To Be Canceled: Is Your Favorite One Of Them?

Check the list to see if your favorites survived the cut.

Longmire on Netflix? Rumors Of Cancelation

Photo Source:   Longmire on Netflix can be seen Is Longmire on Netflix?  The quick answer is yes!  Longmire Season one through five are on Netflix right now.  Fans of the series, which is based on the mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson want to know when season six will be available. Speculations […]