Reality Show “It Takes A Church” comes to Netflix September 15

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Reality show host, Natalie Grant (singer and songwriter)  travels to a different church around the America to surprise one unsuspecting single with the news they’re being saved from the dating world, as the congregation plays matchmaker for one of their own!

Singer Natalie Grant is a heart-gripping songwriter and  performer who has consistently remained one of the top selling Christian artists since her 2005 breakout Gold certified album, “Awaken.”

Since then, she has sold more than 3 million records.  The GMA has named her Female Vocalist of the Year 5 times. Beyond performing, she is an outspoken advocate for victims of human trafficking.

Each episode begins at the setting of a church service, with host Natalie Grant appearing to introduce the show.   A single member of the congregation is introduced to his or her surprise, while members of the congregation then nominate other single members of the congregation as suitors. The number of suitors is immediately narrowed down to four; they are the top three as voted by the congregation and a fourth chosen by the pastor or minister.

In the first round, the single spends time in the community (usually at a charity event) with two suitors at a time. During this time, a group of matchmakers watches the events as they are recorded on camera.  After all four suitors have interacted with the single, the matchmakers provide their input before the single eliminates a suitor of his or her choice.   The church’s pastor supervises  the second round, setting up the suitors on their own dates with the single before spending time one-on-one with each of the suitors.  The pastor makes a  recommendations to the single, who then eliminates another suitor.

The final round consists of an actual one-on-one date between the single member and each of their suitors.  After the dates, the congregation gathers to see who the single member has deemed the “winner,” while the matchmaker who originally suggested the winner at the start of the episode earns the church a $10,000 donation in his or her name.  Additionally, the suitors who are not selected receive a free, one-year membership to the online dating website Christian Mingle.

Season 1 is coming to Netflix on September 15 but season 2 is coming soon to the Game Show Network.  Fans of Reality Shows will want to catch the first season as soon as it becomes available.  Natalie Grant speaks on “It Takes A Church” watch the trailer now.

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