Should You Watch Stranger Things On Netflix? (How Popular Is It?)

Stranger Things, a Netflix original, released in the summer of 2016. It was an incredibly popular show even from the beginning with over 6.3 Million views on the season one trailer on Youtube! Season 2 of Stranger Things was no slacker either racking up over 24 million views on the Youtube trailer to date.

However, Stranger Things season 4 looks like it will be the most popular season yet as the trailer has over 26 million views on Youtube in only 3 months! Talk about popular!

Based on these numbers alone it is pretty obvious that Stranger Things has taken the Netflix world by storm. By that isn’t even the craziest of the numbers.

Stranger Things season 4 had over 300 MILLION watch hours in the first week after release on Netflix! Yes 300,000,000+ watch HOURS!

Now if you are new to the whole Stranger Things phenomenon and want to learn a little more about it then you are in the right place. In the rest of this article I will dive into some important information about each season to help you decide if this show is right for you or not.

However, be warned. If you have never seen the series there will be many spoilers ahead.

Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

In this Stranger Things season 1 recap, we’ll cover the introduction of Will and Eleven, and talk about the mysterious “dark force” in the series. But first, let’s take a look at Eleven. She’s not the only one with superpowers. The other characters, like Dr. Brenner, are equally intriguing.

Here’s a closer look at the characters’ personalities. Ultimately, the show’s success is based on the strong performances of all of the main characters.

Stranger things season 1

If you’re wondering what happens in Stranger Things, this first-season recap will give you an idea of what’s to come. While this season began with a bang, it also ended on a cliffhanger, as Hopper was at the mercy of the government. The finale shows Hopper and Eleven delivering food to Eleven and a mysterious black car.

There’s still a lot more to come in Stranger Things season two, but here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from the next season.

Dr. Brenner

The character Dr. Brenner plays is an CIA agent who was involved in the Project MKUltra, which exposed test subjects to dangerous conditions in an effort to discover whether or not they had psychic powers. During one experiment, Eleven encounters a strange monster.

Brenner pushes Eleven to use her psychic abilities in an experimental setting, which results in the opening of a portal to the Upside Down. Ultimately, Eleven escapes and begins her life anew.


In episode one of the second season of Eleven Stranger Things, Eleven finds Barb dead, but Will lives in an Upside Down version of his backyard fort. Eleven and Nancy are attempting to find them by using the Demogorgon, which they encounter after the boys’ sabotage attempt.

When Hopper and Nancy break into Will’s fort, they lure it with the Demogorgon’s blood, but the monster is not afraid of them.

Dr. Owens

In this season, we learn about Dr. Owens, a psychologist who finds Will’s condition unsettling. He is trying to figure out what he should do to save him, but he is torn by his moral compass throughout the entire series. We also learn about his twisted past.

In the first episode, he helps Will remember where he left his shadow monster.

Dr. Brenner’s agent

The mysterious agent who appears to be the brain behind all of the mysterious events on the show is revealed to be Dr. Brenner’s agent. Eleven is the first to uncover his true motive behind the Bath Experiment. Previously, she had assumed that Brenner wanted to find the Soviet spies.

Now, we know that the mad scientist is actually after Eleven, Vecna, and Henry Creel.

Dr. Brenner’s daughter

As the creator of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, Dr. Martin Brenner is trying to further develop the psychic abilities of his daughter Eleven. During one experiment, Eleven encounters a strange monster. When Brenner pushes Eleven to go further, a portal to the Upside Down opens.

Eleven escapes the lab and sets off the season. This season continues the series’ thrilling mystery.

Stranger Things Season 2 Recap

After the first season ended, fans were left wondering what was going to happen in the second. What happened to the Mind Flayer? What about the psychic connection between the Upside Down and Earth? And what about Eleven?

There was a lot of speculation surrounding the events in this season, but we’ll save that for a later article. In the meantime, you can catch up on Stranger Things season 2 cast and cliffhangers.

Stranger Things season 2 cast

Stranger Things has returned to Netflix in its second season. The second season of the critically acclaimed series introduced a new cast of characters and the word of the year was dingus. Will still remains in the woods, where he is haunted by the vision of a spider-like shadow monster.

Billy, a mullet-rocking bad boy, and Max, an arcade high-score hijacker, were also introduced. Joyce, the nerdy local girl, began dating Bob.

In the second season, Mike and Nancy are still grieving over Barb’s death, and Eleven is increasingly isolated and unable to communicate with anyone except her mother and her boyfriend. Nancy, meanwhile, is trying to fit back into society, while John and Max are literally freaks in everyone else’s eyes.

And the show’s writers continue to explore the complex relationships between the characters. And, of course, there are a few surprises that will leave you reeling.

Stranger Things season 2 cliffhangers

If you are a fan of Netflix’s acclaimed supernatural series, you’ve probably already guessed that Stranger Things season two will have major cliffhangers. But what should you expect from the finale? After all, season two is expected to continue the plotline that began the first season, focusing on Will’s inability to disconnect from the alternate dimension and Eleven’s secret survival.

Those cliffhangers should be just as exciting.

It is possible that the series will get a third season, but there are a few definite cliffhangers in the upcoming episodes. For example, the show’s creators have hinted at a third season, and they’ve already begun planning episodes for a third.

The show’s writers are trying to keep things interesting, and it isn’t looking too long to have a third season.

The Mind Flayer is gone

The Mind Flayer is not a new character in Stranger Things season 2. It was first introduced to the show in volume two, which is now available on Netflix. The show does not reveal how monsters are created, but we do know that the Mind Flayer is connected to Henry and Vecna.

The Mind Flayer is a monstrous entity that consumes its victims. It can also be described as a hive mind which seeks to conquer humans and change the world.

It is unclear if the Mind Flayer has returned in Stranger Things season 4, but it is possible to guess who has been replaced. Fans have been left confused, as the Mind Flayer has been a big villain since the first season.

Originally, it was believed that the monster was destroyed in Season 3 during the Battle of Starcourt, and the Mind Flayer was supposedly dead. But that’s not the case.

The Upside Down’s psychic connection to Earth is yet to be explored

While Will, the protagonist of season 2, remains largely unscathed, the Upside Down’s connection to Earth is still unclear. It is unclear whether Will is capable of telekinesis, a psychic power that can cause physical pain, or has been consumed by the Mind Flayer. As a result, Will has the power to carry out his bidding on Earth.

While Will has been largely OK during the season, he may be on his way to becoming the Mind Flayer’s next victim.

The Upside Down has many secrets that are yet to be revealed. Eleven is a psychic who has a tattoo reading “008” on her arm. Meanwhile, in Hawkins, the town prepares for Halloween. Joyce, meanwhile, has fallen in love with her high school classmate Bob Newby. Meanwhile, Hopper and Eleven are investigating a field filled with rotting pumpkins, while Murray Bauman is trying to investigate people who reported seeing El11.

Stranger Things Season 3 Recap

If you’ve been keeping up with the Stranger Things series, you know that the third season has left us hanging on the Battle at Starcourt Mall and Eleven’s injuries. However, did you know that there are a few things we need to know about Eleven and her friends?

Or do you want to know how this season will end? The answer to both of these questions is contained in this Stranger Things season 3 recap.

Stranger Things season 3 finale

If you’ve been following the series, you’ve probably been wondering how Stranger Things ends. In this season finale recap, we take a look at the characters and the world they’re in. The Griswold family was named for their deluxe station wagon, but it’s more than just that. It includes Dustin, Eleven, Max, Jonathan, and Nancy.

As for the rest of the characters, they include Jonathan, Nancy, and the Scoops Troop. Also, there’s Erica, the sample-stealing sister of Lucas.

Battle at Starcourt Mall

In the third episode of the series, the Battle at Starcourt Mall is underway as the group searches for a missing Russian scientist. The two are unaware that the electromagnetic device that is turning up in the mall is still on. As the Russians arrive, the team narrowly escapes with the help of Russian scientist Alexei.

Meanwhile, Steve, Robin and Erica hide in an elevator and escape the Russians. Meanwhile, Grigori tries to track them, but they escape.

Eleven’s injuries

“Stranger Things” season three ended with an extremely tragic twist. After “Hopper” “died” in the season finale, Eleven was adopted by Joyce. Then, the family moved cross country to a new town and she made the difficult decision to keep Eleven safe. But her injuries and weakened knee left viewers questioning whether she’s really back to 100 percent.

In a photo posted on her Instagram page, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that her knee is in much better shape than when she first hurt it.

Battle with The Mind Flayer

In this episode of Stranger things season 3, we are introduced to the Battle with The Mind Flayer, the supernatural force that has been terrorizing the town since the first season. It attacks Eleven, Billy, Dustin, and their friends, and is finally defeated.

The Mind Flayer is defeated, and the gang has a chance to reunite after Eleven frees Billy from the Mind Flayer’s control and sacrifices herself to save Max.

The Battle at Starcourt Mall

The Battle at Starcourt Mall in Stranger Things season 3 is set to be the most climactic episode of the series. The episode begins with Steve and Joyce on a stakeout to find “evil Russians” at the mall. As they scour the mall with binoculars, they come across a Russian scientist who turns out to be a jazzercise instructor.

Hopper and his friends have to hide in an elevator to avoid being caught by the Russians. Robin, Steve and Robin are also trapped in an elevator, and they must use a translator to explain what is happening to them. While they are in hiding, Grigori tries to follow the group but loses track of them.

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap

If you haven’t yet watched Stranger Things, it’s time to catch up on the entire series. In this Stranger Things season 4 recap, we’ll cover the main plotline, the basketball bullies subplot, and the Mind Flayer.

You’ll also learn why Eleven isn’t the kind of girl you want to hang out with. Read on to find out how the season ended!

Stranger Things season 4

If you missed season three of Stranger Things, don’t fret. Season four is just around the corner. The upcoming episode will have two episodes, each spanning more than two hours. That’s almost four hours! So what happens in Season 4?

Let’s get a quick recap of what happened in the previous episodes. The series has already been rated PG-13, but the fourth season promises to be even more action-packed!

Stranger Things season 4 finale

The “Stranger Things” season four finale ends with the cast scattering all over Hawkins in preparation for the final battle. Unlike the previous seasons, which felt more unified, season four felt more disjointed. But the series will still be a satisfying and thrilling conclusion to the yearlong adventure.

In this Stranger Things season 4 finale recap, we’ll take a closer look at the final episode and how its characters are destined to resolve their conflicts.

The basketball bullies subplot

One of the weaker subplots in the fourth season of Stranger Things is the basketball bullies subplot. It’s a minor problem, but it’s one that keeps reoccurring, leading to the deaths of Lucas and Erica.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the basketball bullies from causing trouble for the Byers family. The basketball bullies subplot is also the most predictable of all the season’s other plotlines.

The Mind Flayer

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, the evil villain Vecna makes his appearance as the Mind Flayer. The series has established him as one of the most terrifying villains in the series, and it’s clear why. This monster is obsessed with spiders, and he’s also an evil genius.

He uses his power to enact his own plans. This episode reveals the origins of this evil character.

The basketball bullies

The basketball bullies are back! In this episode, the basketball team is preparing for an attack on a mysterious house known as “The Murder House.” It’s been a long time since the team last played against the gang. But things are about to get worse. This week’s episode starts with a basketball game, where Eddie and the other basketball bullies decide to play against the team.

After all, Eddie has just shot Chrissy in the face.

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