New Netflix Series for May 2019 You Need to Watch

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With so many things to watch on Netflix, it’s hard to choose. Which shows are worth your time and which aren’t? That’s the big question. We know your time is important, and you want to fill up your watch list before the show hole of summer hits. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

For one of our must-watch shows on Netflix, we’ve chosen a Netflix Original: The Society. It’s different, it’s dark, and it makes you think. And we like that.

The only bad thing about The Society is that it’s easy to blow through the whole season, leaving you wanting Season 2.

Saving you from the show hole… The Society

The Society starts off in normal town America, where the only thing noteworthy is the awful smell in town. When a large group of high school kids board a bus bound for a school trip, they land in an exact copy of their home town.

The only difference? They’re alone and cut off from the outside world.

Think, Lord of the Flies in the digital age.

They soon realize there’s no clear escape from wherever they are and decide all that they can do is survive on their own.

The Society is a view of society as a whole, under glass. You’ve got different personalities, different agendas, and not everyone plays well with others. Leaders step up, and leaders are knocked down.

These kids go from worrying about what to wear for prom and immersed in technology to a low tech world where they have to figure out how they’re going to eat once their food runs out.

Not only do they not know where they are or how they’ll get home, but the viewers don’t either. That makes it more interesting as you’re trying to figure out where you think they are and how you would behave in the same circumstance.

What if you don’t like sci-fi?

And if you think this is too sci-fi and out there, for your taste. I say, think again. The focus is on what forms when society forcefully falls away. It’s about who comes out on top and can adapt and who can’t handle the pressure. But mostly it’s about humanity and what people are made up of at their core. Because once society goes, all that’s left is your true character.

Would you rise to the top, skirt under the raider, cause chaos, or create order?

The Society was created by TV producer, Christopher Keyser, who also co-created the wildly successful Party of Five TV series. So, if anybody knows how to get you hooked into a story, it’s that guy.

Described as dark and suspenseful, The Society will pull you in with its compelling characters and have you on the edge of your seat waiting for another season. It looks like Netflix has done it again.

Check out the trailer:

How well do you know your friends? The Society will have you questioning everything. If you haven’t watched the first season, you’re missing out.

Have you watched Season one of The Society already? Tell us your thoughts about the story in the comments!

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