This Movie is So Chilling People Need Medical Attention After they Watch It

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When we think of chilling horror movies, we don’t often think of “real life”– You know the movies that don’t have ghosts and witches or strange occurrences happening. But the movies with real people that have out of this world problems like cannibalism. Hold the phone, cannibalism?

Silence of the Lambs holds the title for “best cannibalistic film”– We remember Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the man that captured similar victims and then performed acts of cannibalism and murder. 

While that was gruesome, something that stuck with you for years to come, there is a new kid in town and this kid has forced some to have medical attention after watching. Does this mean we are getting weaker as a species (probably…) or more twisted in our ways?

It is probably a little of both to be quite honest. There is probably a little bit of weakness in our species when it comes to what we can handle nowadays and there is always the strive for “the next best thing”. In this case, that means that striving to be more gruesome and gut-wrenching than Silence of the Lambs.

The new kid in town is called The Bad Batch and it’s on Netflix now. The movie takes place in a post apocalyptic world where cannibalism is the main way to survive when it comes to living. The movie, Raw, is a French film written and directed by Julie Ducournau is similar to this film.

In the movie we follow Arlen, a young woman that is dropped outside the U.S. border. In this post-apocalyptic time, there are no rules or laws to abide by. This causes the the cannibalism to start and become a problem for some. Namely, Arlen, as she doesn’t want to take on this life.

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After Arlen is dumped at the boarder, left to find her way, she decides to call it quits for the day and falls asleep. When Arlen wakes up she is chained up, unable to get free, and she is missing an arm and a leg.

She takes extreme measures to free herself from the chain. Once she is free, she does whatever she needs necessary to keep herself safe. Her journey doesn’t end there. Check out the movie The Bad Batch on Netflix to see what Arlen has to do, the journey she has to make, and the relationships she makes.

This movie is on Netflix just in time for those that love the gore, blood, and horror for the Halloween. If you’re looking for a new “scary” movie to watch, check out The Bad Batch. Let us know what you think of the movie. Was it as terrifying as the reviews made it sound?

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