Searches for Queen Elizabeth II Surge As ‘The Crown’ Beguiles Fans

The Crown has fans cramming up on their history lessons.

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Fans are falling in love with Queen Elizabeth II thanks to the Netflix Original series The Crown. As a result, Her Majesty’s Wikipedia page has been flooded with traffic.

According to the Daily Mail, QEII’s page on the crowd-sourced info site was the third most-read page last year. Fans want to know more about the life and times of Britain’s iconic monarch. According to the stats, her page rose from 13th in 2016 to third in 2017.

TV Shows Sparking New Interest in the Royal Family

The monarch’s Wikipedia page received 16.9 million views in 2016, and over 19.2 million in 2017, thanks to fans of The Crown both in and outside of the United Kingdom.

Views of the queen’s page even beat out that of American actress Meghan Markle, despite the excitement surrounding the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry. Ms. Markle fell in at No. 5.

Pages for other members of the royal family have also risen in the wake of the popularity of The Crown, with searches on her sister, Princess Margaret (who placed 37th), and husband, Prince Philip (at 44th), gaining numbers.

These numbers may herald a comeback in popularity for the monarchy. TV shows like ITV’s Queen Victoria and the PBS Masterpiece Theatre series Victoria have also inspired more Wikipedia reads on 19th-century monarch who ruled from 1837 to 1901.

Wikipedia Releases Page Visit Stats

Wikipedia itself has noticed that more people are visiting the site after watching binge-worthy TV shows like The Crown. Fans are keen to fill in the gaps in their education. Now hailing itself as “your second screen,” Wikipedia stated that there were searches on other popular Netflix Originals shows. These include 13 Reasons Why (10th) and Stranger Things (20th).

Netflix Originals The Crown Woos Viewers with Drama

The lush production stars Claire Foy as the young queen. Her portrayal covers the years following her ascension in 1952 after the death of father, George VI. In the first two seasons, The Crown documents her struggle to balance her life as head of state and a loving wife and mother.

The series hits dramatic high points in Her Majesty’s life. This includes her whirlwind courtship and marriage to Philip Mountbatten, played by Matt Smith. It also dramatizes the queen’s Pygmalion-like relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, played by John Lithgow.

The series touches on a number of world-changing events and scandals. Many Americans are completely unaware of these events, hence the urge to research. In the show, the queen’s reaction to American First Lady Jackie Kennedy is nothing less than priceless. Audiences can’t help but feel for monarch’s vow to live up to a job she seemingly never wanted.

Some critics have pointed out that the show has not only stretched the budget for lush production, but stretched the truth for high ratings.

Audiences may recognize Foy from her performance as another iconic British queen. She also played Anne Boleyn in Masterpiece’s Wolf Hall miniseries. Smith is already well known to American audiences as the 11th Doctor Who on the long-running BBC science fiction show.

The Crown currently has two seasons available on Netflix, with Season 2 dropping on December 8, 2017. Season 3 hasn’t gone into production yet, but will feature a new cast to represent the characters later in life. Production representatives for The Crown have not yet announced the new lead actors.

Featured Image/Composite: CC0 NASA/Bill Ingalls via Wikipedia | Promotional photo via Netflix.

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