10 Best Christian Movies on Netflix

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Are looking for movies that promote Christian values or movies that tell stories from the bible? Then look no further than Netflix; with thousands of movies and endless choices, we’ll give you a hand and list 10 great Christian movies available to watch on Netflix right now.

So, grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and pick out something great to watch. To see the most popular Christian movies just click here. 

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is a paid streaming service that contains a digital library of films from every genre, including Christian movies, so you can always find a movie that fits your personal tastes and preferences. Christian movies come in a variety of genres: sports movies, animation, romantic comedy, drama, documentaries, and more.

Christianity & Cinema

Christian movies are a genre of film that refers to movies that support strong christian values and promote messages like forgiveness, faith, and community. Sometimes these movies can also be bible stories. Some examples include The Passion of the Christ (2004), Fireproof, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005). These movies can be made by Christian filmmakers, but sometimes they are simply targeted at a Christian audience, particularly the bigger budget Hollywood films.

Below are ten Christian movies currently streaming on Netflix that we think are worth the watch. They will leave you laughing and crying, feeling inspired and hopeful and full of faith in God and his miracles.

10 Best Christian Movies on Netflix

23 Blast (2014)

Run time: 98 min, rating: PG-13

23 Blast is a sports drama and family movie that focuses on 2 Corinthians 5:7 “live by faith, not by sight.” It’s an inspirational movie about a young football player named Travis, who is a star on the field and leader in his community, but when he goes blind, everything changes. With the help of his friend Jerry and a mobility coach named Patty, he learns to navigate the world, having faith in God and himself, and even gets back on the field and plays football again. There are some light language and violence, but overall it’s a film that is beautiful and heartwarming as we see someone bravely trying to get their life back after a tragedy with faith and determination.

Christian Mingle (2014)

Run time: 103 min, rating: PG

Christian Mingle is a satirical comedy about an advertising executive, Gwyneth, who after too many failed dates ends up signing up for the dating site, Christian mingle, even though she’s not a Christian. She meets Paul, who she quickly falls for, and to keep up appearances buys books like Christianity For Dummies. Antics ensue as she tries to keep up the rouse, but when the truth comes out, she goes home alone wondering if she’ll ever find true love or faith in God. This film has been praised for its faith-filled humor and is an all-around fun viewing experience for the whole family. There’s nothing in the movie that is overly sexual or violent, only lying which is eventually rebuked.

The Case For Christ (2017)

Run time: 112 min, rating: PG

The Case For Christ is based on a biography by Lee Strobel, this film about an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune who is a self-proclaimed atheist. When his wife becomes a Christian, he sets out to disprove the existence of God. His findings provide him with unexpected results that change his life forever. This is a movie about finding faith, and this man spent two years investigating the bible for historical accuracy, seeking evidence of Jesus’ personal claims and His resurrection to find it. It’s definitely worth the watch at least once.

Unconditional (2012)

Run time: 92 min, rating: PG-13

The Christian movie Unconditional is the story of a woman named Sam who has everything. She has faith in God, she’s happily married, lives on a ranch with her horse, and she’s happy until her husband is killed by an act of senseless violence. She doesn’t know how to move forward until she reconnects with a childhood friend Joe after she rescues two kids. She learns that Joe has health problems, but still manages to care for the fatherless kids in his neighborhood.

Sam begins to have faith again and begins to believe she can rebuild from her loss, but it’s an uphill battle when her husband’s killer comes back into her life. She is left to make a decision that could change everything and to get through it; she needs her faith in God. This may not be for the youngest viewers, but this movie will strength your faith in God and inspire you in your everyday life.

The Prince Of Egypt (1998)

Run time: 99 min, rating: G

A renown Bible story from the old testament of Moses freeing the Hebrew slaves, his people from their captivity by the Egyptian pharaoh who also happens to be Moses’ brother Ramses. The Prince of Egypt tells the story of a baby boy given up for adoption by his Mother in the hopes of a better life for him. She puts him in a basket and lets the river carry him away where he ends up at the pharaoh’s door.

He grows up as a prince of Egypt, his brother Ramses by his side getting ready to assume the throne when he learns of his true heritage. He then realizes he must free his people and his journey defying his adopted family begins. It’s a gorgeous animation that will leave you captivated and a soundtrack that resonates beautifully. You’ll love watching it with your kids over and over.

A Question Of Faith (2017)

Run time: 104, rating: PG

A Question Of Faith shows how three families can come together in a time of need and share their faith, allowing them to heal. A girl gets in a car accident with someone’s son and ends up in jail, leaving his family devastated. Another girl collapses at an audition discovering serious health problems and killing her father’s dreams for her singing career. As these families come together, their faith tested, they learn to love and trust, in the hopes of moving past what tore each of them apart.

Raising Izzie (2012)

Run time: 88 min, rating: NR

A story about two orphaned girls trying to raise themselves after the death of their mother. When their teacher discovers their circumstances, she tries not to prod because the children are adamant, but then their house burns down, and they are left with nothing. The teacher takes the girls into her home despite her husband’s protests, but then she is hit by car a car and falls into a coma.

Everyone is saddened by this tragedy, and Izzie, the younger girl, and the teacher’s husband pray for her recovery while Gerty, the other girl, struggles with her faith. She finally decides to hope for one more miracle. You’ll find inspiration in this movie and hope. It’s a movie for all ages with only a little violence meaning everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Son of God (2014)

Run time: 138 min, rating: PG-13

Son of God is the story of the new testament and the life of Jesus Christ. It tells of his joining with the apostles and his miracles, his birth and death and resurrection, those who loved him and those who betrayed him. It is a story of God’s grace and love by giving us his son, created by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett who originally had made a Bible mini series on the History Channel, but wanted a theatrical version of Jesus’ story. It is a beautiful movie and one every Christian will love.

The Letters (2014)

Run time: 114 min, rating: PG

The Letters tells of Mother Teresa and her mission, following the letters she wrote to her spiritual advisor, in which she shared her doubts and alienation from others and from God. It is a stark contrast to the miracles and success in the ministry. It shows how she learns medicine and takes care of the sick after India goes through the pain of independence from the British empire in 1947 and 1948. It is a miraculous movie and one every Christian should see, so they can understand what a life dedicated to faith truly is.

Is Genesis History? (2017)

Run time: 100 min, rating: NR

Is Genesis History?  This documentary explores the history recorded in the book of Genesis in the old testament of the Bible featuring scientists and scholars who want to know how our world intersects with that history. Dr. Del Tackett who created “The Truth Projects” guides you through this documentary to see the two competing views, and what rises as the ultimate truth while traveling across the world. Unlike most Christian movies, this one looks at the world around us and tries to prove faith.


We think these Christian movies will hit the spot when it comes to finding a movie to watch on Netflix and we hope that you enjoy all of them.

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