What Action Movies On Netflix Star Nicholas Cage?

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When you talk action movies on Netflix you have to mention Nicholas Cage.  These titles are what is available on Netflix right now!

Top 5 Nicholas Cage Action Movies On Netflix



5. Next (2007)   4.5/5.0

Next is a story about a Las Vegas magician Cris Johnson who has a secret.   He can see two minutes into the future. The ability appeared when he was three and to avoid being treated like a lab rat by the government.  But the government comes calling anyway.  It’s a twist that allows viewers to see the outcome before he makes his actual choice.


action movies nicholas cage4. Seeking Justice (2011)  4.5/5.0

Will Gerard, and his wife are deep in love with each other. One night, while on her way home his wife is assaulted. While visiting her in hospital a stranger tells him that he belongs to an organization of vigilantes and offers to eliminate the assailant. All favors have a price and Will agrees to kill Alan Marsh.  Later he comes to realize the man was not a pedophile like the organization had told him.   He is instead an awarded journalist that was investigating the organization. He starts investigating the organization which is powerful and is seeking to eliminate Will.


3. Rage (2014)  5.0/5.0

Paul Maguire is a businessman (and former criminal) in the construction business and happily married. His sixteen year-old daughter Caitlin, his pride and joy is kidnapped.   When she is found dead in a park, the result of the ballistics indicates that a Russian pistol killed Caitlin. Now Paul is haunted by his past and believes that the Russians are seeking revenge.


2. The Rock (1996) 5.0/5.0

Stanley Goodspeed, is a biochemist who works for the FBI.  Alcatraz Island is taken over by General Francis Xavier Hummel.  The General has gone off the deep end because of his wife’s death and the government unwillingness to do anything to help her. Now he’s holding hostages in order to get his point across. Stanley knows how to disarm a bomb, but he needs someone who knows Alcatraz.

1. Snake Eyes


A corrupt Atlantic City cop becomes mixed up in the assassination of the Secretary of Defense.  The assassination involves his best friend. Now Ricky Santoro is stuck right in the middle after he finds out he is the investigating officer in the case. Who’s the Lady in White? Who is the Mastermind?   The conspiracy is shocking but not as shocking as the mastermind of the entire thing.

There are the TOP FIVE Action Movies Starring Nicholas Cage on Netflix.  There are still more action movies on netflix that star Mr. Cage.  Here are the runner’s up!


  • Trespass (2011)
  • The Trust (2015)
  • Stolen
  • Outcast
  • Pay the Ghost
  • Dog Eat Dog


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