The 5 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix for Thanksgiving

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During the long Thanksgiving week off from school, kids get restless and bored. After the grand finale of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade when Santa ushers in the holiday season, there’s a lot of down time to fill. With Black Friday madness and winter weather, family movie nights during the Thanksgiving weekend are the perfect way to spend time together without breaking the bank.

Netflix offers great family movies with a subscription, and they’re just the thing for setting the mood for the season to come and kicking any bah-humbug to the curb. You can make it a family tradition by popping some corn, stirring up some hot chocolate, and making sure everyone is cozy in their pajamas while snuggling down for some great family-friendly entertainment.

Here’s five of the best family movies on Netflix this month.

1. Zootopia

This animated buddy cop movie features an bunny ingenue trying to prove herself and a street-smart fox joining forces. Judy Hopps is the first bunny cop to join the police force, and must prove herself. To solve the mystery of missing predator animals in less than 48 hours, she needs to work with Nick Wilde, a cynical con artist.

2. Moana

This stunningly beautiful Disney movie is a feast for the eyes and lots of fun for both kids and adults. Moana is the daughter of the tribe chief who convince the demigod Maui to return the heart of the goddess Te Fiti in order to remove the curse that’s plaguing her island.

3. Charlotte’s Web

You can stream the 2006 movie version of this classic tale on Netflix. Adults will be transported to their own childhoods as Charlotte the spider works diligently to save Wilbur the pig from slaughter. This movie is sure to enchant generations of children for years to come.  

4. Coraline

For fans of Jack Skellington, Coraline might be just the fix you need to tide you over until it’s time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Based on the best-selling book by Neil Gaiman, Coraline becomes bored after moving into a new home until she finds a secret door that leads her into a bizarre and disconcertingly better version of her own world. Common Sense Media recommends it only for children over the age of 9, but parents might find the idea creepier than their kids do.

5. Men in Black


Just a whole lot of fun for the whole family, this comedy romp from 1997 features over-the-top sci-fi movie tropes and lots of laughs.  Some of the aliens might be a bit scary for littler kids, but most kids over the age of 9 or 10 will love it. Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and based on a much scarier comic, MIB tells the story of two federal agents fighting to save Earth against alien forces.

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