Whats on Netflix UK? Find Out 10 Favorites

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Whats on Netflix UK?  We have a list of the top 10 listing on Netflix UK.   Looking for a great film or series we have the top selections for the UK.    Keep scrolling to see the TOP 10 Whats on Netflix UK listings available.


TOP 10

10. Bitten

whats on netflix UK

A pack of werewolves has turned Elena Michaels into a monster, she tries to stay away but her efforts are derailed by a band of murders.

9. It’s A Guy Thing

what's on netflix ukBachelor parties are usually trouble and for this would be groom it is no different.  The morning after his bachelor party, he wakes up next to a beautiful girl who is not his fiancée.

8. Enemy At The Gates

whats on netflix UK

**Available Again**  This suspenseful drama follows a battle of wits and wills between an infamous Russian sharpshooter and top German sniper.

7. Married to the Mob

whats on netflix UK

A 1988 film starring Alec Baldwin, Matthew Modine and Michelle Pfeiffer follows a wife who is fed up with “the life” after her hit-man husband is “taken out” by a mob boss.

6. The Decent

whats on netflix UK

Spelunking trip leads to trouble when six friends become trapped.  They start to become delusional from limited oxygen…or is that a delusion?

5. Dear White People

whats on netflix UK

What happens at an Ivy League college that isn’t as “inclusive” as it thinks?  Follow a group of students as they navigate the politics of daily college life.


4. Donnie Brasco

whats on netflix UK


FBI agents should never identify with the men they bring down on charges. But Joe Pistone get caught up in is undercover identity and forgets why he is there.

3. The Virgin Suicides

whats on netflix UK

Ronald and Sara Lisbon attempt to remove their daughters away from a group of fascinating boys after their youngest commits suicide.

2. Michael Clayton

whats on netflix UK

Michael Clayton is “the fixer” for a law firm as a result of one of it’s lawyers breaking down after a class action law suit against a chemical company he knows is guilty.


whats on netflix UK

After being forced to give up a son over 50 years ago she team up with a journalist to find him.


These titles are what’s on Netflix Uk right now!  Have you seen any of the titles yet?  We encourage you to join our Community on Facebook.




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