Cold Case might remain Cold for a long time.

Cold Case premiered in September of 2003 till 2010 ¬†but why isn’t it available on Netflix? ¬†The problem is an official video release of “Cold Case” predates the Netflix phenomenon, so it’s a bigger problem than just cutting a deal with the new guy in town.

The ¬†major problem is the licensing of the music rights, and it’s stopped the show from even appearing on DVD — something fans have been clamoring for since the end of the show’s very first season in 2004.

“Cold Case” followed a Philadelphia investigator (played by Kathryn Morris) whose job was to reopen old cases. The show had a unique soundtrack approach, using popular music from the era during which the crime was originally committed — a clever and effective mood-setting tool that has since proven to be a huge legal headache.

It’s a problem suffered by a lot of music-heavy shows, especially ones using a lot of older songs.

Garson Foos, of  Shout! Factory a DVD-distributor, said that music licensing for video release is a complicated process that can involve multiple rights holders and a lot of resources.

“It is extremely time-consuming ¬†and you sometimes have to do a little detective work to track rights-holders down”

There is some hope, though I don’t know if it is what fans want to hear. ¬† Shout! Factory ¬†had been interviewed regarding the release the similarly music-heavy series “thirtysomething” on DVD — a mere 18 years after it left the air. ¬†Hopefully, the technology these days will help get this show to Netflix sooner then 2028 (it left the air in 2010).