Thirteen Reasons Why….Netflix Original Hits #1!

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Thirteen Reasons Why was released on March 31, 2017 and subscribers can’t stop talking about it.  Like this subscriber:

13 Reasons Why is a show everyone should watch. Teens, parents and everyone in between. It brings to light the tough subject of suicide. 17 year old Hannah Baker takes her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes of reasons why she did it. The media doesn’t often touch on the subject of suicide because its such a taboo thing. This show finally calls our society out to face the hard facts of rape, bullying, and death.  Though there has been some controversy surrounding the series, saying that it glamorizes suicide. The show is something everyone needs to see.- Jordan K.

Thirteen Reasons Why – The Story

The show revolves around a student who kills herself after a series of culminating failures, brought on by select individuals within their school.

Clay Jensen, is a shy high school student.  One day he returns home from school to find a strange package in the mail for him.  Inside there are 7 cassette tapes.  The tapes were used by a classmate who recently committed suicide.  Hannah Baker, has left these tapes with details on reasons why she killed herself and Clay is only one of the 13 that has received the tapes.

thirteen reasons why

13 Reasons Why- The Tapes

  1. Justin- Kissed Hannah once and told his friends a different story.
  2. Alex- Published a “hot or not” list that Hannah was awarded a special title.
  3. Jessica- Slapped Hannah after being compared to her on the “hot or not” list.
  4. Tyler- Published a photo of Hannah and another girl kissing which was a joke.
  5. Courtney- The photo Tyler published created rumors of her sexuality where she through Hannah under the bus.
  6. Marcus- Made a move on Hannah thinking she was “easy”
  7. Zach-Tried to comfort Hannah after Marcus.  Then turned around and asked her out and got turned down so as pay back he steals the highlight of her days.
  8. Ryan- Stole her poem about her personal problem and published them in the school newspaper.
  9. Clay-Hannah apologizes to Clay for including him even though he did nothing to make her suicidal like everyone else.
  10. Justin (Again) – knew about a rape and let it happen.
  11. Sherry-Hit a stop sign but didn’t report it, which led to an accident that killed a classmate.
  12. Bryce- Raped Jessica and Hannah
  13. Mr. Porter- Hannah confided in the school counselor and recorded it.  He advised her to either press charges or simply move on.

Thirteen Reasons Why, is a definite “must to binge” for all ages!  We have already added it to the Top Shows on Netflix this month!


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