The Best News You’ll Hear All Day– Check Out What is Coming to Netflix

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We’ve all heard the news about Disney and their announcement that they and Netflix would be parting ways in 2019. The news that we got was sad because we won’t be able to stream Disney shows and movies on Netflix for all of eternity… But– This is a big but… At least we will have Beauty and the Beast!

Back in 1994 when we saw the cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast, we fell in love with Belle and even the Beast. The movie captured our hearts and our souls. We loved the musical essence, the cheer, the suspence.

Kids and adults of all ages love Beauty and the Beast and they were even more excited to see that a live action film was going to be made. The life action film was released in early 2017– Dan Stevens and Emma Watson were the stars of the film and boy did they ever shine.

Kudos to Dan Stevens for putting up with his costume through the entirety of filming. I mean… How annoying is that to have to wear a full on costume throughout filming? I wouldn’t care for that. While the costume wasn’t exactly hairy or furry, it was still a full costume that required a full body suit including a head dress that makes the CGI work it’s magic.

Let’s just talk about Emma Watson. Holy moly! She was the vision of Belle that every young millennial dreamed about as a small child. She hit the mark with not only her singing, but all of the personal touches that she placed on her character as well.

While the original cartoon version was the everything, it’s wonderful to see the real, live action version of the movie come to life with real characters; Characters that we love and adore.

While this at least softens the blow for the news that Disney came out with, it doesn’t necessarily take away the hurt. We will miss titles like this on Netflix when their contract ends.

At least we know that this marvelous title will, indeed, be coming to Netflix in September. While we don’t know when the title will get to Netflix, we do know that it will be available to view in September. How exciting is this? We can watch Beauty and the Beast–Live action whenever we want to! What do you think about this news?

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