The Spine Chilling Movie, The Babadook Reviewed

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Released back in 2014, this horror flick is just now spreading it’s wings and flying. It’s not your average horror flick of witches and ghostly subjects. It’s more of the reality that scares the viewer than anything.

The story plays as this– Amelia is a single mother after the loss of her husband. She lost her husband on the way to the hospital to birth their one and only son. After the tragic accident, Amelia struggled in coping with the fate that she was handed.

As time goes on, Samuel, Amelia’s son grows into a young boy. He has a huge fear of monsters. But it isn’t discovered why until later. The fear that Samuel has takes an even bigger toll on Amelia. This causes her to lose her friends as she tries to cope with not only parenting alone, but also dealing with her son’s obsession of monsters.

Things get worse when they move themselves into their home and find a mysterious book. The book is about the ever mysterious monster, the Babadook. While the Babdook doesn’t necessary sound terrifying, it does indeed have affects on Amelia and Samuel.

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After reading the book, Amelia realizes that not only does the monster have negative affects on their lives, she realizes that the book also has a negative affect on their lives when she goes into Samuel’s room one night and the book is there and Samuel asks,

“Do you want to die?”

Imaging that chill going down your spine when your kid asks you in the most serious tone if you wanted to die. The rest of the story is filled in with tales from the book about the Babadook.

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The movie has been deemed one of the scariest and most terrifying. While there are tons of horror movies on Netflix, this one will stay with you even after the movie is over.

This movie not only sheds light on the scary, spine chilling super natural occurrences, but it also sheds light on real instances of mental illness, depression, grief, and loss.

Not only is this a super natural movie this also touches on the real life issues that many suffer with on a daily basis. Real and chilling, with a supernatural flare. Have you watched the Babadook? What did you think? Would you recommend it as a chilling, terrifying, Halloween movie? Let us know what you think!

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