Stranger Things Have Happened But Will You Know Before First?

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Stranger Things Season 1 Air Date : July 15, 2016 Pictured: Winona Ryder
Stranger Things NOW Available!

Original Netflix Series Stranger Things is now available and most viewers have watched all weekend long.  Although it’s not based off a Stephen King bestseller  it is an amazing supernatural thriller, mostly because of the horror and suspense of the ’80s from the Duffer Brothers.

From the opening scene that starts with a BANG!! This Netflix Original is not a disappointment.  Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder as  Joyce Byers, a busy single mom of 2 boys.  When the youngest son Will goes missing she starts an investigation of her own leading to communicating with Will using Christmas lights.  The whole town starts to think she might be going off the deep end, including her oldest son.  Will’s friends start a search of their own after discovering a mysterious girl whose name is Eleven, and she has some pretty amazing “super powers”.   As friends, family and police search for answers, they are drawn into an riveting mystery involving classified government experiments, supernatural forces and this very strange young lady.

Stranger Things Spoiler Alert!


After eight episodes,  the epilogue  starts hinting around at where the story might go if  a second season (which, since Netflix renews practically everything at least once), including Will coughing up a slug from The Upside Down.

Where could the story go?   Could the boys play Dungeons and Dragons like before with adventures slaying fake monsters after they just lived through an adventure with a real monster?   Can everything just go back to normal for a  mother that lost of her son?

Stranger Things has nostalgia, and human beings are extremely nostalgic to the things we loved as children, and that could explain why we are inundated with late-arriving sequels, remakes and copycats of our favorites. But once in a while we’re treated to something that’s both nostalgic and original at the same time, and that’s where Stranger Things falls.   Haven’t watched,  carve out 8 hours of time, so you can join the conversations at the water cooler.

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