Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix: December 2015

F is for Family Netflix

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December is probably the best month of the year with celebrations all around the world. For Netflix, it’s one of the bumper month where several new television series and movies are released so that fans can enjoy the last quarter of the year with their family and friends.

Just like every month, we try to keep you updated regarding the new Netflix originals that hit Netflix. For the month of December, the majority of new additions are comedy series and it certainly looks exciting just like November‘s new releases.

In 2015, Netflix original series list has really been paying off despite the competitiveness to gain contracts and keep hold of it. Take a look at the review of all the Netflix Originals coming to Netflix in December 2015 here.

Real Rob

December 1st

Real Rob on Netflix

Real Rob is a television series that’s been financed independently by Rob Schneider while it’ll stream right from the first of the month. A semi Netflix Original, the series will see its first eight episodes hit Netflix right on the first day of December while the second series is already renewed. The show chronicles the life of Rob Schneider and his satirical and realistic views towards himself after becoming famous.

Type: Series
Distribution:Netflix US, UK, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand only

Brent Morin

December 1st

Brent Morin on Netflix

Another Netflix Original coming to Netflix on December 1, 2015 is Brent Morin’s stand-up comedy special. It’s also Morin’s debut on Netflix and the show was filed in August at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Despite being new to the entertainment industry, Morin has already enjoyed much success in NBC’s live comedy show Undateables. He surely is a must watch!

Type: Stand-up comedy special
Distribution: Global

A Very Murray Christmas

December 4th

A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

December is all about jingle bells and Christmas. If you fancy the festival, you surely are going to be treated with a comedy special on Netflix named A Very Murray Christmas. Starring Bill Murray alongside several famous celebrities, the show will surely shake you up a bit and make you laugh. It’s probably the very first time Netflix has brought in a show like this and this surely should be interesting to watch.

Type: Comedy Special
Distribution: Global

The Ridiculous 6

December 11th

Netflix Original The Ridiculous 6 on Netflix

Netflix has been doing pretty well with its original movies too. The Ridiculous 6 featuring Adam Sandler has already received a lot of mixed opinions before its release and with Sandler, there’s no need to give a second though to how the movie will be like. The movie is also the first of multi-movie deal between Happy Madison and Netflix.

Chronicling the story of a cowboy who lives in the Wild West, the show has been called racist and sexist just with the stories, but can the movie live up to the expectations? Time will tell.

Type: Movie
Distribution: Global

Care Bears and Cousins

December 18th

Care Bears and Cousins Netflix

Netflix has a special section for children as well. Despite being said to be released in early 2016, Netflix will stream Care Bears and Cousins on December 18, 2015 and it surely is a treat for those who love the 4k (UHD) animation. This surely would keep your child stick to the screen and have a smile on the face during Christmas.

Type: Series
Distribution: Global except Germany

Mike Epps : Don’t Take It Personal

December 18th

Mike Epps on Netflix

Another Netflix Original coming to Netflix in December 2015, Mike Epps: Don’t Take It Personally is a stand-cup comedy featuring Mike Epps. The show is a recording from Epps’ comedy tour during 2014 and 2015 and it’ll hit Netflix on December 18th.

Type: Comedy special
Distribution: Global

F is For Family

December 18th

F is for Family Netflix

If you fancy adult animated sitcoms, you need to get a Netflix subscription if you have not one. With wildly acclaimed series Bojack Horseman, Netflix new adult animated sitcom F is for Family is also sure to receive positive reviews and that’s almost sure. With six episodes in the first season, the show will hit Netflix on December 18th and I bet you surely will love this dirty flick.

Type: Series
Distribution: Global

Let us know what Netflix original coming to Netflix in December 2015 are you waiting to watch in the comments below! 


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