Netflix Original Movies What You Can Stream Now!

Netflix Original Movies What You Can Stream Now!

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Netflix Original Movies are now giving the big film companies a run for their money.  New to the arena, Netflix has spent billions on production of Netflix Original Movies that are only available on the streaming service. Another thing that keeps Netflix one step ahead of the competition is Netflix DVD Services where there are literally thousands of movie choices.  Netflix originals are available to stream right away and can be added to your queue.

Netflix Original Movies

ARQ– Trapped in a time loop this couple must defend a new energy source that can save the human race.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin–  He’s not really and assassin but he is a very good writer.

The Fundamentals of Caring– A buddy comedy that ends with a young shut in finding hope and friendship.

Spectral– When a unseen force from another world attacks a city under seige this team needs to stop it.

The Siege at Jadotville– A true story of Irish Soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Africa.

The Do-Over

Tallulah– In a split second your whole world can change and it has for this young drifter.  In a blink she has stolen a baby from it’s neglectful Mother.

Special Correspondents– A team of news correspondents lose their passports and begin to make false reports of a war zone which become complicated.

I am the Pretty Thing that Lives In the House– A ghost story about a nurse that takes care of a horror novelist.

Mascots–  Contestant are eager to win the award for Best Mascot the participants are ready for their shot!

Golden Globe Nomination

Divines– Following in the footsteps of a famous female drug dealer these two friends are bound and determined to become rich or die trying.

Wet Hot American Summer-  A prequel to the original about antics at Camp Fiddlewood.

XOXO– At an electronic dance festival the lives of a group of young people intersect.

Rebirth– On a trip to find himself this family man ends up in a nightmare with no escape.

My Own Man– A man discovers he will be a father to a boy his fear sends him on an emotional journey to discover himself.

Mercy– Two brothers come home to visit their dying mother and old secrets surface.  The fight for survival begins!



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