Improve Your Netflix and Chill Game With These Tips!

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So you think you have a strong Netflix and Chill Game?  When it comes to your Netflix and Chill game,  your commitment has a lot to do with what comes next.  This information will help you plan an evening that will be an event.  Start by cleaning especially the bathroom.  You will need a grocery list based on what you decide to plan.  Cook and prepare food ahead of time (unless you are cooking together as well) Are you ready?

If you are truly interested in the “friend” you are inviting over to Netflix and Chill these are a few suggestions that are sure to impress.

Step By Step Moves

To Improving Your Netflix and Chill Game

(for the Last Time!)

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BONDING ..Step 1:

People bond over television everyday, on average 25% of people are more attractive based on what they watch.  Are you are looking for love beyond just one night?   Then start by comparing your Netflix Queue List.   Do you share some of the same Netflix movies and shows?  This is good insight into your companion,  use it to your advantage.  If they have all the Air Buddies Movies in their queue it might tell you they love dogs or have kids.  This is also a great conversation starter.


After sharing your lists, experts suggest that you find a show that you can both watch together.  Be binge buddies.  Binge watching televisions gives you something to talk about too. In the early stages of any relationship sharing a common interest makes spending time together a little less stressful.  Netflix basically created the phrase Binge-watching so it is no surprise that you will find thousands of titles that you and your “friend” can watch together.  Here are some Binge-worthy suggestions for couples to watch together they are listed below.


  • The 100
  • The Office
  • Arrow
  • Bates Motel
  • Lost
  • Jane The Virgin
  • House of Cards
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Shameless
  • Gilmore Girls
  • American Horror Story
  • Orange is the New Black- Netflix Original
  • Scandel
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Flash
  • Walking Dead
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Schitts Creek
  • The Ranch- Netflix Original
  • Sense 8
  • Dexter
  • Supernatural

SHARING.. Step #3

51% of couples that share a Netflix Account believe that their relationship is serious.  This may be the next level you have been looking for.   On the contrary,  only a small percentage of couples wait to share their password until they are married. If you have shared your password and things don’t work out just change your Netflix login.


netflix and chill game

Be sure you are ready to negotiate on what shows to watch together.  Building a relationship means a little give and take.  Which means you may have to watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but,  when you pick go ahead and watch The Walking Dead (both are terrific shows by the way).  This is the start of really understanding what it is like to be in a relationship.  It’s not all about you!

Great Ideas To Have A Strong Netflix and Chill Game

  • Decide if you will eat in, cook or eat before your movie watching begins.
  • Dress Up with your favorite hoodie, t-shirt or hat
  • Stock your refrigerator with beverages- a good host has 3 options at least 2 non alcoholic options)
  • Plan snacks and have them easily accessible.
  • Popcorn (see below for some amazing recipes that will make you look like you spent hours preparing for the night.)
  • M&M’s, Skittles, Junior Mints, Nachos, Soft Pretzels, Sour Patch Kids, Licorice and raisinets are good “go to” choices.
  • Light a Candles or Spray Room Spray
  • Take a Shower
  • Clean Up- Especially the Bathroom.

(Variations to the Typical Netflix and Chill)

A Romantic Night (Do Not Use This All The Time)

Special Ideas To Consider When Planning 

  • Light Candles, Dim Lights, Spray Room Spray
  • Sprinkle Rose Petals all over the house
  • Serve Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Chocolate fondue with marshmallows and cookies
  • Champagne or wine
  • Chocolate brownies
  • A platter of different cheeses and pickles

netflix and chill game

Movie Suggestions 

  • Serendipity
  • Hope Floats
  • Love Actually
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Scary Movie Night

Special Ideas To Consider When Planning

  • Lights Off.  Have flashlights available for trips to the bathroom.
  • Lots of Blankets and Pillows
  • A Mask for a good scare, if your date is up to being scared.
  • Candy
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Fruit punch

Movie Suggestions

  • Hush
  • The Shining
  • The Dead Room
  • Housebound

Fantasy Movie Night

Special Ideas To Consider When Planning

  • Dress up like your favorite character( Harry Potter, Katniss or Edward)
  • Decorate with gimmicky items pertaining to the movie you choose (wands, bow and arrow crafts, the books from the series).
  • Make a blanket fort. Watch the movie from inside.
  • Move the furniture around in different spots.
  • Cocktails focus around the movie (Butter Beer, The Mockingjay)
  • Peanut butter or Chai Popcorn (see below)
  • Sour worms
  • Cheese spray and crackers

Movie Suggestions

  • The Giver
  • Twilight
  • E.T
  • The Princess Bride

Comedy Night

Special Ideas To Consider When Planning

  • Have bottles of water available laughter is exhausting.
  • Play a game of tag before the movie starts.
  • Add special lighting (disco light, colored light bulb, lava light)
  • Honey roasted nuts
  • Milkshakes
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Meat on a stick

Movie Suggestions

  • Say it isn’t So
  • Tommy Boy
  • The Do-Over
  • White Chicks

Dinner and a Movie Options

A Night in ItalyUnder The Tuscan Sun

  • Pizza
  • Stromboli
  • Wine
  • Put a table cloth on your table with candlesticks and dim the lights.

Picnic Night- The Graduate

    • Finger Sandwiches
    • Cheese and Crackers
    • Grapes
    • Wine
    • Spread a blanket on the floor, pack your food and wine into a picnic basket and hang out on the floor.

The 80’s Theme Night-  The Working Girl

    • TAB, HI-C
    • Sloppy Joes
    • Planter’s Cheez Balls
    • Snack Pack Pudding
    • Dig out your neon and Jordache jeans, wear a sweat band and roller skate to meet them at the door.

Animal Party- Step Dogs

  • Scooby Snack Crackers
  • Bologna and Cream Cheese
  • Pigs in A Blanket
  • Water
  • Invite the animals to hang out with you.  Serve them special treats during the movie.

 If your date is into animals, the 80’s or travel the above ideas are sure to up your Netflix and Chill Game.  Hopefully, with this much effort you are sure to make a connections with your “friend” that will last way beyond one night.

 We have one more sure fire way to get the night off to a great start.  POPCORN!
What kind of movie night would it be without it? To make your life easy and to keep up the ROCK STAR image you can see the microwave popcorn maker that uses popcorn kernels. Your Netflix and Chill game just grew!


Microwave Popcorn Popper | Replaces Microwave Popcorn Bags | Enjoy Healthy Air Popped Popcorn – No Oil Needed Maker by Cestari Kitchen (Makes 8 Cups) $28.95  $18.99

Popcorn That’ll Up Your Netflix and Chill Game


Add These Into Your Popcorn For More Variety

  • M&M’s (peanut, plain, peanut butter, coffee lovers, almond, pretzel or crispy)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Sprinkles
  • Pretzels
  • Ranch Seasoning
  • Craisins, Raisins, Dried Apples, Apricots or Banana Chips
  • Chocolate Chips (White, Dark, Milk, Mint, or Peanut Butter)
  • Gold Fish
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn

Now that all these tips are here in one place you should be able to kick up your Netflix and Chill Game a couple notches.  This is a journey not a race.  Take your time, put in the effort, don’t be lazy, don’t assume you have it in the bag.  Always be kind, gentle and loving.  Good Luck at making a connection that will last forever.

Happy Streaming!



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