Making A Murderer New Season!

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One Man,  Two Crimes Is He Innocent?  You Decide.

Making A Murderer Season 2

Netflix makes announces today that there are new episodes of Emmy Nominated  Making a Murdrer are production.  Season two will take fans back inside the story of convicted murderer Steven Avery, as investigative  and legal teams challenge his convictions and the State fights to have his conviction and life sentences upheld.  Executive producers  Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are once again running the project, an exact episode count and premiere date for Season 2 have yet to be announced.

The series first streamed on Netflix on December 18, 2015.  The story of Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison for the attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen, he was exonerated in 2003.  He was then arrested in connection with the murder of Teresa Halbach and convicted in 2007.  Stephen Avery is still serving a life imprisonment without parole.  A new series of appeal motions were filed in January 2016.

Producers met with executives at PBS and HBO, before meeting with Netflix,  but neither networks was interested in the project.   The first season was originally planned to be  eight-episode, but later expanded its order to ten.  The second season will follow that pattern as well.  This next season will provide a deeper  look at the post-conviction process, as well as, the emotional toll the process takes everyone involved.

Making a Murderer season two coming soon, that’s your NetflixUpdate.

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