Is Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix?

Major Crimes on Netflix

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American crime drama series Major Crimes is a spin-off successor of The Closer which started to premiere on TNT since August 13, 2012. The show started its production after The Closer concluded and with over 7 million viewers, the show was renewed for season 2 on September 27, 2012.

Major Crimes is set to air the fourth season on November 2, 2015 and we’ve had a lot of fans wanting to know if the police procedural series is on Netflix or not. Featuring Mary McDonnell as the main cast of the show, the series chronicles the story of Captain Sharon Raydor (McDonnell) who replaces Brenda Leigh Johnson as the head of the Major Crimes Division at LA Police Department. McDonnell is looking forward to maintaining a close relationship and gaining trust and confidence of her colleagues, while also dealing with Lt. Proverza, her biggest foe.

Starring as the major cast of the show are Mary McDonnell, G. W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Phillip P. Keene, Kearran Giovanni, Graham Patrick Martin, Jonathan Del Arco, Nadine Velazquez, Robert Gossett, and Jon Tenney, among others.

Season 3 of Major Crimes started to air on June 9, 2014 and concluded on January 12, 2015 with a total of 19 episodes. Here are the details of all the episodes, provided the show is currently available to stream in your Netflix region.

Episode 1: Flight Risk
Episode 2: Personal Day
Episode 3: Frozen Assets
Episode 4: Letting it Go
Episode 5: Do Not Disturb
Episode 6: Jane Doe #38
Episode 7: Two Options
Episode 8: Cutting Loose
Episode 9: Sweet Revenge
Episode 10: Zoo Story
Episode 11: Down the Drain
Episode 12: Party Foul
Episode 13: Acting Out
Episode 14: Trial By Fire
Episode 15: Chain Reaction
Episode 16: Leap of Faith
Episode 17: Internal Affairs
Episode 18: Special Master Part One
Episode 19: Special Master Part Two

So, are you eager to know if Major Crimes is on Netflix or not? Let’s get the details regarding availability of the show on Netflix. Roll in…

Is Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix US?

Sadly. Not a single season of Major Crimes is streaming on Netflix US.

Is Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix Canada?

Great news for Netflix Canada subscribers. The first three season of Major Crimes is streaming on Netflix Canada. You can go binge-watch right now before the fourth season gets released.

Is Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix UK?

Bad news here. We could not trace even a single season of the show on Netflix UK.

Is Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix Australia?


It looks like Netflix Canada is the only region that has all three seasons of Major Crimes streaming currently. We guess that the show will hit Netflix on other regions on December this year.

Check out the trailer for Major Crimes Season 3 here:

What say you people? Are you all excited to watch Major Crimes Season 3 on Netflix right now? Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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