What ‘Life In Pieces Episodes’ Can You Stream on Netflix?

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Hilarious Show!  So Happy to see life in pieces episodes added!  It’s Lighthearted and low maintenance.  A great show to watch at the end of the day when you just need to laugh.

LIFE IN PIECES episodes are filmed in a single-camera, similar to Freaks and Geeks, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and The Wonder Years.  This comedy is about a multi generational quirky family and their awkward, often hilarious milestone moments.  These moments usually turn out to be bitter sweet and are told by each family members.

The Cast of Life In Pieces

The happy family is made up of three siblings: Heather, Matt and Greg.  The youngest sibling Greg, and his wife, Jen are overwhelmed new parents.  The eldest sibling Heather and her husband Tim are not looking forward to their “empty nest” and are contemplating having another baby.  Middle child, Matt is in love with his co-worker Colleen.  The matriarch and patriarch of the family are the siblings parents, Joan and John.
During the Life In Pieces episodes the family’s lives unfold in four short stories each week, viewers get a glimpse into each siblings life as well as the parents. Each episode goes by in quick flashes but they will stay with you.

Life In Pieces Cast (Main)

Colin Hanks……Greg (39 Episodes)
Betsy Brandt….Heather (39 Episodes)
Thomas Sadoski….Matt (39 Episodes)
Zoe Lister-Jones……Jen (39 Episodes)
Dan Bakkedahl……..Tim (39 Episodes)
Angelique Cabral……Colleen (39 Episodes)
James Brolin………..John (39 Episodes)
Dianne Wiest……….Joan (39 Episodes)



WOW!  When a group of actors come together to support a cause that is near and dear to their heart it is worth noticing.
The first season on Life in Pieces is now available to stream on Netflix.  I know that I am looking forward to streaming this one.  With games, meetings and work I’ve only been able to catch the first episode on CBS.  So, if you were too busy, like me, to catch it in Primetime be sure to stream it on Netflix right now!

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