‘ Back To School Time ‘ Titles To Get Them ‘In The Mood’

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back to school

Back To School Time Is Here Again!


Back To School for some it means shop till you drop. Everyone is piled in the mini van and headed to the mall yelling, poking and giggles the entire trip.  Now, after hours of fitting rooms, shoe boxes and hundreds spent the shopping bags are filled with clothes, notebooks, backpacks and sneakers, everyone is exhausted and ready for a break.  These gems are available on Netflix and will keep everyone moving towards the inevitable BACK TO SCHOOL.


Series- Seasons of drama, jokes, mysteries, and games.

dream school

Dream School



school girl detSchool Girl Detectives

Video Game High School

Rated R- Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.


Mac and Devin Go To High School



Van Wilder Freshman Year


Rated PG-13-  High School Drama and References

High School Musical




Video Game High School

Rated G- Elementary Subjects and Fun


Leap Frog Let’s Go To School


Casper’s Scare School

No one is looking forward to going back to school, but this list can ease even the most unruly student into the school year.  Summer has dissolved too quickly into memories of swimming, picnics, ice cream and amusement rides, in addition summer movies can be added to the list of memories.  Enjoy the remainder of the summer with these and many more on Netflix.

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