Is Castle on Netflix? The Mystery is Solved.

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Is Castle on Netflix?  Our subscribers are asking this questions and we have the answers to the mystery.

What is Castle About?

ABC has plenty of popular TV shows, and one of them is Castle. With its wide range of humor and mystery, this crime-comedy-drama is bound to please any audience! Castle follows Richard Castle, a mystery novelist. While writing, he gets bored with his story and kills off the main character in his series. And while this doesn’t seem like a big deal, he is brought in for questioning by the NYPD about a copy-cat murder that was based on one of his books. While he’s in for questioning, he takes an interest in the detective assigned to his case, Kate Beckett. He uses his connections in the police force and convinces them to let him shadow her. They work together and despite conflicting personalities, they become friends and later on lovers.

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From 2009 to 2016, when the show ended, the show was a favorite among viewers. During its eight seasons, Castle won multiple People’s Choice Award’s and TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorite Awards; it was also nominated for multiple Emmy’s. Some of these awards include Favorite Drama Series, Best Actress, Best Actor, Favorite Couple, and Favorite TV Crime Drama. With all of these awards, the show was obviously very popular! And now you are wondering…

Can I stream Castle on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Castle isn’t available on Netflix through their streaming service yet. However, it is available through their DVD Renting Service! We all know that renting a DVD isn’t as convenient, but it might be worth it! Who knows, it could turn out to be your new favorite show! Using the DVD renting service does require a primary account, but once you have one you’ll have access to a free month of DVD service. All the streaming and DVD rentals you could want! If you think that Castle would be a good show for you to watch, or if you want to watch something else that isn’t available through streaming, then follow the link and get unlimited access to everything on Netflix!

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