Is Hannibal Coming to Netflix?


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American psychological thriller-horror television series Hannibal is developed by Bryan Fuller and streamed as part of NBC television show. Based on the novel ‘Red Dragon’ by Thomas Harris,the series focuses on the relationship between FBI investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), who is destined to become the artful enemy against Graham.

Premiered first on NBC on April 4, 2013, the series received a 13-episode order for the first season while rest of the seasons also featured 13 episodes. The show was renewed for a third season by NBC on May 9, 2014 and it premiered on June 4, 2015. However, the show is set to be cancelled out of NBC after the third season and it was announced on June 22, 2015.

Despite receiving critical acclaim with the performances from the actors and the visual style, the show received lesser number of viewers that put Hannibal out of the television network.

If you’re wondering to watch the show on Netflix, let me remind you, Hannibal is not streaming on Netflix right now. It’s a part of the NBC and there’s no Hannibal streaming across any regions in Netflix.

So, there might be chances of Hannibal streaming on Netflix, right?

We thought the same once we knew that it was cancelled after third season on NBC. We checked the rating of the show across several networks and found 8.7/10 on IMDb, 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 9/10 on which is pretty impressive.

Immediately after the cancellation of the show, we caught Bryan Fuller answer some questions in interviews that seems fairly bullish on the future of the television show. He also cleared out why streaming of Hannibal on Netflix is not possible right now.

“There’s certain avenues that I know we wouldn’t be able to do, for instance Netflix because our deal with Amazon precludes a Netflix component,” Fuller told The Hollywood Reporter. “The contract limits what they could do with it.”

So, that’s it from the creator himself. Netflix has no chance of being the new home for Hannibal. The case is nothing similar to Game of Thrones or True Detective not streaming on Netflix, but there are these cases of contracts that puts things off. Amazon Prime is on the top list of its new home now.

Then, can’t you watch Hannibal on Netflix?

Who said so? You can still watch Hannibal on Netflix.

All you need to do is rent the DVD from Netflix. You can get the first two seasons of Hannibal right now in the DVD’s from Netflix and what more would you want right now? The third season is yet to conclude and in few months, it’ll also be on the DVD.

If you’ve not watched the third season of Hannibal, here’s the trailer for you:

Are you planning to watch Hannibal? Or, if you’ve watched any of the seasons, let us know in the comments!

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