Top 10 Family Movies on Netflix Your Family Will Love!

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Family movie night was always a favorite when I was growing up, and it will be for your kids too!   If you aren’t sure what movies to watch, here are some family friendly options. Some of these are brand new, while others are favorites from years ago. Either way, your kids will love these family movies on Netflix, and you’ll enjoy them as well!

Family Movies On Netflix

1. Finding Dory (2016)

Family movies on Netflix

Finding Dory is the very popular sequel to Finding Nemo, which was released in 2003. When the movie came out, people of all ages flocked to theaters to see if it was as good as we all thought it to be. Finding Dory did not disappoint! The movie is full of adventure, humor (for all ages), and many new lovable characters. The plot follows Dory this time, as she is on an adventure to find her family. This heartwarming movie will make you laugh and cry, as you reminisce and enjoy this new classic. This favorite family movie on Netflix is a new addition.

2. Bee Movie (2007)

Family movies on Netflix

The Bee Movie was recently added to Netflix and it’s definitely one of the most exciting new additions. This movie was a favorite in my family as I was growing up, and it’s definitely something that you should introduce your family to! With a lot of humor and valuable lessons about the environment, the Bee Movie is educational while still being a lot of fun to watch. It follows a bee named Barry, who sues humans for stealing all of the honey from their hives. He teams up a human as he fights for this injustice, but things take an unexpected turn for the worst. This movie is a great hilarious, yet semi-educational option for your next family movie night!

3. Zootopia (2016) [usr 4.9]

Family movies on Netflix

One of Disney’s newest animated movies, Zootopia is another very popular family movie. The story follows a rabbit from the country, who wants to become a cop in Zootopia, aka the big city. She goes against all odds, and teams up with a fox to solve a very important mystery with many unexpected twists and turns along the way. Another movie that has important underlying themes, it’s a great movie for kids to watch. People of all ages have enjoyed the unique plot and humor, so make sure you see this great family film!

4. The Pacifier (2005)

Family movies on Netflix

One of the best throwbacks that Netflix has to offer, The Pacifier has everything. With tons of humor and action, and a plot unlike any other, this is a must see. A Navy Seal is assigned to protect a family, however he has to stay undercover. While the kids try their best to challenge him, he tries his best to keep up with all the craziness. The Pacifier is loved by all ages, and will easily become one of your favorites. Watch it while it’s still available on Netflix!

5. Minions (2015)

Family movies on Netflix

The prequel to Despicable Me, the Minions movie introduces us to those adorable little yellow minions. The movie follows their story and how they eventually teamed up with the evil mastermind, Gru. This is a great family movie, and although most adults might be tired of these minions, kids love them! If you don’t mind putting up with the minions for another hour and a half, then consider watching this one!

6. Tarzan (1999)

Best kids movie on Netflix

Disney movies are always a good idea for family movie nights, and Tarzan is a classic! If you don’t already know the plot, the story follows Tarzan as he is raised by apes, and eventually falls in love with a girl from England named Jane. While fighting for their love, there are many twists and turns that make it harder for them to be together. Tarzan is based off of a book written in 1914, and Disney brings it to life in this 1999 film version. Don’t miss this magical Disney classic!

7. Chicken Little (2005)

Family movies on Netflix

Animal movies seem to be popular among kids, and for a good reason. Chicken Little is another movie full of adventure and hilarious characters. The story follows Chicken Little as he tries to convince his town that there’s about to be an alien invasion. Unfortunately (mainly because of his size), no one believes him. It’s then up to him and his friends to save the world from this upcoming threat. This underdog story is heartwarming and will again become one of your families favorites!

8. Home (2015)

Family movies on Netflix

Home follows a lovable, misfit alien, as he and his fellow aliens invade Earth. Although the humans aren’t happy about the invasion, a girl befriends them and they go on a life changing adventure together. As these unlikely friends journey together, they find that they really do belong. Home is heartwarming and full of adventure. This DreamWorks film is adorable and your kids will love it as well as yourself!

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Family movies on Netflix

This remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was very popular when it came out, and has sadly been forgotten in the wide spectrum of family movies. Showing this movie to your kids would be a great way to introduce them to older movies. The story line is basically the same as the original, but the magic of the movie has completely been redone. And while you’re at it, watch both! Your kids will love the candy filled magic!

10. Hotel Transylvania 2

Family movies on Netflix

Finally, Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to Hotel Transylvania. However this time, Dracula is worried that his grandson will turn out more human than vampire. The movie is goofy, feel-good, and kids love the mythical creatures! And if you haven’t seen the first one, watch it; it isn’t on Netflix, but it’s available on the Netflix DVD Service!

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