Is Dexter on Netflix?

Dexter Netflix

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American crime drama television series Dexter is based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay and is developed by James Manos, Jr. for Showtime. The first season of Dexter started to air on October 1, 2006 and ran up to eight seasons concluding finally on September 22, 2013.

Chronicling the story of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood spatter pattern analyst who worked at Miami Metro Police Department, the show is set in Miami and follows his secret life as a serial killer.

Starring as the main cast of the show are Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, Julie Benz, David Zayas, C.S. Lee, Aimee Garcia, Geoff Pierson, Lauren Vélez, Erik King and James Remar, among others.

Ranked as one of the best crime drama shows on television, Dexter has received wide critical acclaim and popularity while also winning several accolades including four straight Primetime Emmy nominations. With a record breaking viewers ranging in between 2.5-3 million for almost all episodes, fans are eager to know if Dexter is also streaming on Netflix or not.

Let’s get to the details of all seasons and episodes of Dexter on Netflix, provided the show is available to stream in your region.

Season 1: 12 episodes
Season 2: 12 episodes
Season 3: 12 episodes
Season 4: 12 episodes
Season 5: 12 episodes
Season 6: 12 episodes
Season 7: 12 episodes
Season 8: 12 episodes

Dexter Morgan is surely a great character you’ll want to watch and with the twist plots in all of its seasons, the show is surely interesting to binge-watch on Netflix. Let’s get the details about its availability on Netflix rolled in…

Is Dexter on Netflix US?

Yes. All eight episodes of Dexter are streaming on Netflix US as of today. Go stream it right now!

Is Dexter on Netflix Canada?

Good news for Netflix Canada subscribers too. All episodes of Dexter are available to binge-watch on Netflix Canada.

Is Dexter on Netflix UK?

Yes. All eight seasons of Dexter are available to stream on Netflix UK too.

Is Dexter on Netflix Australia?

Sadly, we could not trace even a single season of Dexter on Netflix Australia. You might need to wait a little more before you are provided the chance to watch all the seasons of the show.

All episodes of Dexter are also streaming across various regions like Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, France, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, among others.

Check out the trailer:

Netflix availability generally chances with time and we’ll try to keep you updated with the latest information about Dexter on Netflix, if there’s a change.

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