Dance is, perhaps, one of the most captivating art forms in existence. Whether it is a ballerina twirling hypnotically or hip hop dancers moving in unnatural ways, dance grabs your attention. Netflix currently has an excellent array of dance films for you to rent on DVD or stream at any time. These are the best of them:

A Ballerina’s Tale

A Ballerina’s Tale is a documentary that follows the beautiful Misty Copeland through her struggles as a dancer and explores how she became the first African American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theater. Misty describes her many trials not fitting the classical ballerina standards. She also talks about an injury that she didn‚Äôt let set her back. This documentary is a unique perspective on the modern world of classical ballet.

High Strung

This drama is jam packed with art and talent, drawing from every vein of the performing arts. It takes place in New York City (where else?), with one of the main characters, a dancer at the Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts, and the other a violinist with unappreciated talent. The two go through independent struggles with the pressures of their craft and end up joining several other musicians and a hip hop crew to perform at a classical event where the stakes are $25,000.

Desert Dancer

This movie, based on the true story, tells the tale of Afshin Ghaffarian, and his struggle to become a dancer in his home of Iran, where it is forbidden. He and his friends come together to form a makeshift dance company that they build up from nothing. In Afshin’s fight for dance, he doesn’t give up, despite all obstacles. Every setback makes him stronger.

Mr. Gaga

Mr. Gaga is a dance documentary about the man who created one of the most captivating styles of dance in existence: Gaga. The creator, Ohad Naharin, is from Kibbutz and has created this style using many elements of dance. This documentary shows his rise to fame and how captivating his work is.  


If you only get DVDs from Netflix, then these films are available to you:

Step up

When a movie has Channing Tatum in it, can you go wrong? After vandalizing a performing arts school, Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) is forced to do volunteer work. He meets an up and coming ballet dancer, Nora (Jenna Dewan Tatum), who is looking for a partner to perform with her at the school’s big gala. Tyler ends up accidentally auditioning to be Nora’s partner and the two pull off a stunning performance.

Step Up 2 The Streets

Another hip hop appreciation movie shows the separation and unity there is to be found between different styles of dance. In this film, a street hip hop crew goes up against another dance crew compiled from the outsiders of a performing arts school. This movie encourages the breaking of barriers between different styles of dance.

The great thing about dance movies is that you get a mix of romance and reality.  If you liked some of these dance documentaries, check out The Best Documentaries On Netflix. If you were more into the stories that happened in combination with the dancing, maybe check out Top 50 Romantic Movies on Netflix.