Best Romance Movies on Netflix Right Now

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With the upcoming Fall season, we often hear about horror movies and the hype they bring to the table. But what about the love that is in the air all year round? The best romance movies on Netflix list is here and you don’t want to miss it!


Year Released: 1978

Rating: [usr 3.5]

Actors: John Travolta as Danny and Olivia Newton John as Sandy

Synopsis: Summer is in full swing and Sandy and Danny have really began to fall in love. Sandy is a good girl and Danny is the stereotypical bad boy greaser. When summer ends and school comes back into session, they realize that they are attending the same school where they will have the chance to rekindle their summer lovin’!

Forrest Gump

Year Released:1994

Rating: [usr 4.4]

Actors: Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump and Robin Wright as Jenny Curran

Synopsis: Innocent, naive, and big hearted, Forrest Gump never saw himself being anything other than an ordinary human being. He achieve anything he puts his mind to. Anything being the football star to fighting a war in Viet Nam. Every where he goes, he inspires people with his enthusiasm and tries to help anyone that comes by his path. Watch Forrest and learn his life lessons, you’d be surprised what he can teach you.

The Heart Break Kid

Year Released: 2007

Rating: [usr 2.9]

Actors: Ben Stiller as Eddie, Malin Akerman as Lila, and Michelle Monoghan as Miranda

Synopsis: After settling for a woman, due to all his failed relationships in the past, Eddie proposes marriage to Lila. He doesn’t find out that she isn’t the girl that he wants to spend his life with until their honeymoon. That’s when he meets his true love, Miranda. How will it turn out for Eddie?

13 Going On 30

Year Released: 2004

Rating: [usr 3.0]

Actors: Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink and Mark Ruffalo as Matt Flamhaff

Synopsis: When we are young the only thing that we wish is to be older. 13 year old Jenna Rink makes that exact wish underneath her dream house her best friend Matt made her. She wakes up to her 30 year old self. When she wakes up she doesn’t have a clue what has happened over the past 17 years. She doesn’t like who she has become so she is determined to change it.

Love Actually

Year Released: 2003

Rating: [usr 3.9]

Actors: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Collin Firth, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightly

Synopsis: Love Actually is actually about what love really is. In the movie, nine different stories are followed as they discover what the meaning of love actually is. Not all stories follow a romantic love, but they do follow a form of sacrificial love that only those involved can understand.

Leap Year

Year Released: 2010

Rating: [usr 3.3]

Actors: Amy Adams as Anna and Matthew Goode as Declan

Synopsis: There is a tradition in Ireland that if a woman proposes to a man on a leap year he must accept. So when Anna plans a trip to Dublin, Ireland to propose marriage on the leap year to her boyfriend, Jeremy, she expects a yes…


Year Released: 2007

Rating: [usr 3.9]

Actors: Kiera Knightly as Cecilia Tallis, Saoirse Ronan as Briony Tallis, and James McAvoy as Robbie Turner

Synopsis: Wealth is all that and a bag of chips during the 1940’s when the war is beginning. Briony, a 13 year old changes many lives with one false accusation causing love to be lost and hearts to be broken. Will Cecilia and Robbie be reunited?

Somethings Gotta Give

Year Released: 2003

Rating: [usr 3.5]

Actors: Jack Nicholson as Harry Sanborn and Diane Keaton as Erica Barry

Synopsis: Harry is a womanizer and he knows it and so do most of the women in his circle. Harry does not think it’s in his cards to find love until he gets a run for his money from Erica, a woman closer to his age that doesn’t have time to put up with his shenanigans. Will this one stick?


Year Released: 1997

Rating: [usr 3.9]

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose Dewitt Bukator

Synopsis: The Titanic was the unsinkable ship that was going to take everyone to America. The year was 1912 and the titanic was a sign of royalty. Rose was a first class princess that had not a care in the world and Jack was a third class boy that won his ticket by chance at a game of poker. Their chance meeting makes for a journey of love.

The Other Titles– Not on Netflix

Dirty Dancing

Year Released: 1987

Rating: [usr 3.5]

Actors: Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle and Jennifer Grey as Baby Houseman

Pretty Woman

Year Released: 1990

Rating: [usr 3.5]

Actors: Richard Gere as Edward Lewis and Julia Roberts as Vivian Campbell

The Notebook

Year Released: 2004

Rating: [usr 4.0]

Actors: Ryan Gosling as Younger Noah, James Garner as Older Noah, Rachel McAdams as Younger Allie, and Gena Rowlands as Older Allie

Say Anything

Year Released: 1989

Rating: [usr 3.7]

Actors: John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler and Ione Skye as Diane Court

Gone With The Wind

Year Released: 1939

Rating: [usr 4.1]

Actors: Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara

10 Things I Hate About You

Year Released: 1999

Rating: [usr 3.6]

Actors: Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona and Julia Styles as Katarina Stratford

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Year Released: 2003

Rating: [use 3.2]

Actors: Matthew McConaughey as Ben Barry and Kate Husdon as Andie Anderson

While the list may be different for you, you may not even like any of these movies, but that’s ok. These are the top nine romance movies on Netflix that seem to have it all. You don’t want to miss them, that is for sure! If your favorite movie isn’t on the list,


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