The 100, Season 3 Available on Netflix!

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pjimage The 100‘s 3rd Season to be available for streaming  Wednesday November 16th.    Season 2 hit the streaming service in  October, giving fans over two months to catch up before Season 3’s January broadcast premiere on the CW.    There is no official release date for The 100 season 4 yet other than it will return to The CW in 2017. Let the binge watching begin,  because tomorrow  Wednesday, November 16 is the day Season 3 hits Netflix (3am EST).

Haven’t started watching yet…shame on you!  Here is what you can expect.

The 100 is about humanity’s attempts to repopulate the earth.   After a disaster on the ground humanity is forced to live in space,  but as they soon realize the “ark”  they’re all living  on is losing oxygen.  They decide to send 100 child criminals down to the earth’s surface to determine whether it’s livable. Leaders arise in the group when they reach the surface and it all comes down to survival.  However they soon discover that not all humanity has been erased. Some survived the disaster: the grounders who live in clans and have claimed their territory with strength, speed and force,  cannibals known as Reapers, and Mountain Men, who live in Mount Weather, who locked themselves away before the apocalypse and are killed by the residual radiation outside.   It’s a solid post-apocalyptic drama unlike any on TV right now.

This past year,  The 100 has gained alot of momentum heading into it’s 3 rd season with alot of online buzz about the series and it’s characters.

100-tv-series-full-episodesAnd The Reviews Are In!

Rotten Tomatoes gives The 100 Season 3 100% (8.7/10) Mariya Karimjee writes:

“Every moment of this finale is pitch-perfect: the choreography of the fight scenes, the plotting and pacing, and the stunning way in which the episode finally reaches it apex. “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two” elevates the season’s themes and pulls together its disparate story lines, setting us up nicely for season four.”

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