Top Movies for Dog Lovers on Netflix!

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Nothing says love like having a dog.  For most of us dog owners, nothing says movie night like a good dog flick.  So bring out the dog bones and the popcorn and check out the list of Dog movies you can stream on Netflix.


lassieImage Via Movie Music UK

Does this even need a description?  Who hasn’t heard of Lassie or know that he is the smartest dog around?  Who doesn’t know that he can get himself out of almost any bad situation?  Who doesn’t know Lassie is a great movie?  If you answered “me” to any of those questions then you need to watch this movie.


Wiener Dog Nationals

Image via American Press

Image via American Press

This cheesy title and catch phrase is not all this movie has going for it.  This little doxie takes on big competition could he be the Wiener?  (sorry that was cheesy too!)

101 Dalmatians

One hundred and one dalmatians ver2.jpg
Image Via Wikepdedia

This 1996 live action family comedy starring Glenn Close and Hugh Laurie. The story follows closely to the animated movie plot, where the dogs are dog-napped by the one and only Cruella de Vil who plans on making coats out of the “puppies”.  Hi-jinks and mayhem ensue as they search for the puppies and their safe return.


Homeward Bound

Image via IMDB

Image via IMDB

  This is an all time favorite.  This unlike three-some made up of wise old Shadow a Golden Retreiver, a Himalayan Cat who has the attitude just as her name suggest “Sassy” and Chance and American Bulldog who is young and not used to having a family.

Vampire Dog


Image Via: Wikepedia

Released in 2012 this movie takes place in Transylvania (which can only mean one thing).  A pooch mistakenly partakes in a concoction that transforms him into a vampire.  Watch the movie to see how is quest to return to normal goes.


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